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SQX-series Quonset Hut Fabric Shelter Camp.

The versatility of Alaska Structures® fabric structure applications is unmatched. From workforce housing to manufacturing facilities and emergency survival shelters… Alaska Structures’ building solutions have stood up to the harshest environments while providing safety and comfort.

Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing 

Remote mining camps, mineral and geophysical exploration, research facilities, and other commercial activities often need accommodations for personnel. In these cases, where access to housing is nonexistent or insufficient, engineered fabric buildings are a superior choice to create modular workforce housing units or entire remote camp systems.

The Alaska Structures® SQ Series is a modern take on the quonset hut style and is one of our most popular housing systems. These tension fabric buildings can be quickly installed to provide long-term or temporary accommodations and workforce housing. They can be used as standalone structures, or as an integrated feature of a larger and connected camp system. Our TSX Series is a great solution for remote operations needing portable cabins designed to provide more private living space and is ideal for camp managers, site directors, and supervisors. 

Workforce housing from Alaska Structures provides the best in both capacity and privacy, fitting numerous single- or multiple-person rooms into one building.

All of our fabric buildings, including the SQ Series and TSX Series cabins, are independently tested and certified to withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather — keeping your workforce safe, dry and warm even in harsh, rugged climates.

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Dining Facilities

No matter the industry or severity of environmental factors, every remote camp needs a dining hall to feed the people on site. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are a safe, weather-resistant, and scalable building solution for quickly creating dining facilities and dining halls.

In addition to large mining, oil and gas, and construction projects in remote locations, our dining facilities have also been used to provide dining areas for schools, correctional facilities, prisons, homeless and navigation centers, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and more.

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Polar Camps and Fabric Buildings for Cold Climates

Having started in Alaska, we know how to engineer fabric structures and remote camp systems to withstand bone-chilling temperatures, wind, and heavy snow loads.  

Our fabric buildings have been proven over decades of use in the coldest climates. We design and engineer fabric structures to withstand arctic forces on the North Slope of Alaska, far above the Arctic Circle, hurricane-force winds and avalanches at 17,500 ft. elevation of Mount Everest’s base camps, the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, as well as many of the coldest places on Earth (including far-east Russia). 

Our tensioned fabric membranes are designed to withstand punishing and bone-chilling temperatures and offer a superior cold-crack resistance compared to other PE- and PVC-based fabrics. All of our fabric buildings can be equipped with insulation and flooring systems to increase energy efficiency and interior comfort.

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Mobile Offices

Many companies that require temporary offices at job sites know the logistical struggles. Transporting a job-site trailer or similar containerized mobile office to remote locations can be challenging. Weather conditions and the lack of developed roadways in these remote locations can easily cause damage to these alternative structures before they even make it to their destination. 

Alaska Structures’ modular office buildings and portable office solutions offer ease of transportation, set up, and disassembly. This is why they have been the top choice for on-site offices and a premier choice for mobile offices when considering job-site trailers for a variety of industries.

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Fabric Aircraft Hangars

Engineered with aircraft in mind, our fabric hangars can withstand severe weather conditions including high winds and heavy snow loads, making them ideal for protecting aircraft and equipment anywhere in the world. 

Airports, remote mining and oil and gas operations, as well as shipping and logistics companies have trusted our hangar solutions for their airplane hangar and aircraft storage needs.

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Fabric Structures for Oil and Gas Operations

We provide specialized, custom-built structures used for conveyor and pipeline enclosures as well as pump station enclosures to protect materials from extreme elements all around the world. We’ve been working with private oil and gas firms for nearly 50 years, providing the longest-lasting and most durable fabric structures designed to stand against the toughest elements and protect valuable assets.

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Large Fabric Buildings for Mining Trucks

Do you have a Caterpillar or Komatsu mining truck that needs a maintenance building or wash bay? Look no further than Alaska Structures to custom-design and build a prefabricated building to serve as a mining truck enclosure or maintenance facility. 

With widths up to 120’ wide, and custom lengths and heights, we can design a large fabric building that is tall enough to raise the bed of your mining truck and perform routine maintenance. Save time with on-site mining truck maintenance facilities. 

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Mineral Exploration and Research Facilities

Alaska Structures has been supplying fabric structures for mineral exploration and research since 1975. These industries don’t stop for extreme weather, so their workers and staff must trust their lives with structures capable of weathering any storm. 

Exploration companies and research organizations typically need building solutions that are easily transported and can be quickly set up to provide living and working spaces in remote locations around the world. The revolutionary XPL Series is capable of being set up in 10 minutes.

In addition to creating exploration camps and research stations, our fabric structures have been used for on-site warehouses, equipment storage, core-storage facilities, and personnel housing

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TV and Movie Production Facilities

The television and movie industries have been longtime fans of Alaska Structures. Not only have our structures been used as props, but they also offer safe, climate-controlled areas for numerous other purposes, including:

  • Prop building and prop storage space
  • Wardrobe and makeup studios
  • On-site dining areas
  • Sanitation stations

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Recreational Buildings

Whether it’s an indoor practice facility, a sports team’s indoor training facility, or a performance arts structure, Alaska Structures provides high-quality fabric buildings for any recreational activity, including swimming pools, soccer fields, gymnasiums, dance studios, and even movie theaters! 

The possibilities are endless.

Religious Buildings

Religious buildings, such as churches and temples, are not immune to the need for renovations and expansions. Alaska Structures’ portable church buildings and worship facilities offer a perfect solution for church services, offices, classrooms, and even outdoor weddings to continue during church renovation or expansion projects.

To meet the needs of the church, Alaska Structures custom-designs and engineers fabric building solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Facilities

Alaska Structures offers building solutions to meet the needs and challenges of quickly creating vehicle storage and maintenance facilities. From railroad systems to “bus barns” for school districts, to the Department of Transportation’s hundreds of busses, building solutions from Alaska Structures create a safe and secure space to store and service all types and numbers of vehicles. 

Our vehicle maintenance facilities have been successfully used in more than 85 countries. The Alaska Structures team will work with you to design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver a long-lasting, custom-built building capable of being set up in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction methods.

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Warehousing and Storage

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered fabric buildings. When it comes to on-site storage and warehouses, Alaska Structures meets each client’s unique needs with custom-built structures and a wide range of options.

Whether your on-site storage facility must be dry, cold, suitable for lumber, or even airplanes, Alaska Structures will design the perfect warehouse. Our engineered fabric structures can reach widths of 120 feet and are customizable to any height or length.

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Emergency and Survival Shelters

When working in extreme climates, teams sometimes find themselves too far from base camp when an unexpected and life-threatening blizzard approaches. 

Governing bodies, such as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), require workers to be equipped with survival shelters when working away from base camp. Others without these mandates also choose to have quick survival shelters available for emergencies. 

Alaska Structures’ survival shelters are customized to meet the exact needs of each situation. The survival shelters are rigorously scrutinized and engineered for safety. Our emergency and survival shelters have been used successfully in many areas, including the following:

  • Emergency shelters and emergency preparedness
  • Emergency equipment storage
  • Self-rescue devices, mine rescue apparatus, and rescue and disaster shelters
  • Mine design and life support systems
  • Mine escape shelters and mine escape planning
  • Communication and training centers

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Modular Classrooms and High-Performance School Buildings

Whether there is a need for temporary classrooms or the addition of permanent classrooms and teaching spaces and modular classrooms.

Alaska Structures provide a safe and comfortable learning environment that is spacious and well-lit, offers schools the ability to quickly establish additional classroom space, and avoids the logistics involved with using other portable classrooms (classroom trailers).

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Explore Other Fabric Structure Applications

Need an engineered fabric structure for a different application? Contact us to discuss your fabric building or camp system requirement. 

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