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Transform any space into a stage. Stage covers from Alaska Structures® blend durability, style, and functionality and set the stage for unforgettable experiences.

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Stage Covers for Any Season

Stage covers ensure outdoor events, ranging from multi-day music festivals to afternoon concerts, daylong lecture series, and starlit evening theater performances, go as planned and proceed regardless of weather conditions. The commitment to these events is significant, involving considerable time, energy, and financial investment. Event planners, staff, and venues must ensure that adverse weather does not derail their hard work or risk delaying or canceling shows and performances. Stage covers from Alaska Structures® are an excellent solution for preparing against inclement weather such as rain, wind, or cold. Our stage covers play to the saying, “The show must go on,” to avoid damaging costly electronic equipment and risks to performers’ safety.

Stage covers from Alaska Structures® are available in various models and sizes and are configured with an array of options to meet your temporary or year-round stage cover needs. Our tensioned membrane structures are engineered to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for unmatched safety, long-lasting durability, fast setups, and takedowns. They are a superior choice compared to typical pop-up canopies. Minimal foundation requirements allow venues that host outdoor events and performances to create a covered stage virtually anywhere – forests, deserts, beaches, or other natural settings that might otherwise be unsuitable. Our innovative building solutions overcome the challenges of hosting outdoor events, helping to ensure safety and success for everyone involved.

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A WeatherPort® Jubilee series fabric building is used as a stage cover at The Amphitheater at Lynden Gardens in Richfield, Minnesota.
A WeatherPort® Jubilee series fabric building is used as a stage cover at The Amphitheater at Lynden Gardens in Richfield, Minnesota.

Heavy-Duty Stage Covers Designed for Durability

Extremely versatile, our stage covers feature sturdy, high-performance tensioned fabric membranes over a rugged, high-strength galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame for reliable shelter against mild to severe weather conditions. Optional powder-coating offers enhanced protection from rust, salt, humidity, and other environmental conditions, adding years to our structures’ extensive lifespans. Our heavy-duty stage covers use the highest quality materials to protect valuable equipment such as instruments, audio and video gear, lighting and video systems, and more.

Stage cover on floating dock using Jubilee Series fabric building from AlaskaStructures

A stage cover from Alaska Structures® can be securely anchored to virtually any surface, including turf fields, paved lots, concrete and asphalt fairgrounds, wooden platforms, rock, dirt, gravel, sand, or whatever ground cover your venue of choice presents. An array of sizes can accommodate requests for large stage covers, and small stage covers for more intimate performances. We offer stage covers for small bands to large orchestras and provide protected spaces for speaker systems, theatrical production sets, and cast members. No matter the structure size or attendance volume, every structure is secure in the face of high winds, rain, snow, ice, and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Does your venue host winter events or performances? Our stage covers can be designed with infrared heaters to provide maximum comfort.

Additional options allow venues to select their preferred color schemes, include branded logos or graphics to identify individual stages and maintain a cohesive visual theme, add side curtains, and include a wide assortment of end panels for protection from adverse weather conditions. We work with venues to select the best fabric-building model and then configure it as desired to create a stage cover that meets your unique event needs.

High-Performance Stage Covers for Any Outdoor Concert or Event

Tens of thousands of customers around the world have relied on stage covers from Alaska Structures® for the following applications:

  • Outdoor concerts and live performances
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Outdoor film events
  • DJ stages and covered outdoor dance floors
  • Outdoor orchestra concerts
  • Theater, shows, and musical tours
  • Weddings, outdoor reunions, birthdays, and other outdoor celebrations
  • Outdoor lectures and conferences

Our engineered fabric buildings are expertly crafted to cater to the unique demands of your upcoming outdoor events, providing stage covers with unmatched durability and ensuring safety. Our stage covers are ideal for various occasions, including outdoor concerts, performances, weddings, and parties. Our tensioned fabric structures are tailored specifically for outdoor events and performances, blending seamlessly with any setting. Below are our most popular building models and sizes for creating stage covers.

The WeatherPort® 4-sided canopy from Alaska Structures® is the ideal stage cover for small-scale events, offering a robust and stylish alternative to typical pop-up canopies. Its unique design and durability make it perfect for intimate gatherings and compact venues, providing a distinctive and memorable setting for any performance. Available in a range of sizes from 10’ x 10’ to 20’ x 20’, the WeatherPort® Canopy is engineered to cater to a variety of staging needs. Renowned for its rapid setup and dismantling capabilities, this canopy series ensures maximum protection for smaller stages. The customizable nature of the WeatherPort® Canopy, along with its unique shape and branding options, makes it a valuable asset for resorts, festivals, or touring bands seeking a dependable, long-lasting stage cover.

The WeatherPort® 4-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 10’ x 10’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 15’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 20’ Canopy
  • 12’ x 12’ Canopy
  • 16’ x 16’ Canopy
  • 20’ x 20’ Canopy

If you’re considering a 6-sided or 8-sided canopy for your stage cover needs, we offer options ranging from 16’ to 40’ in diameter. Please reach out to us for a quote!

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The WeatherPort® Jubilee series of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® is an excellent choice for stage covers, particularly for outdoor concerts and performances. Designed to meet the demands of venues like resorts, wineries, and fairgrounds, these structures provide a robust and expansive covering solution. The spacious design of the Jubilee series is perfect for accommodating the various needs of outdoor concerts and performances, including stage space, audience areas, and equipment setups. With available widths ranging from 15′ to 40′ and the flexibility to customize lengths in 10′ increments, the Jubilee series offers the versatility and durability needed for a wide range of outdoor musical and theatrical events.

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The DAGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures® is an exceptional choice for large stage covers, accommodating stages in customizable widths and configurable in height and length. Its expansive design is ideal for large-scale performances, offering ample space to safeguard audio and visual equipment. The open-span structure of the DAGB Series™, without any supporting columns, provides an unobstructed cover that can span the entire stage area. This feature also extends the stage cover beyond the stage if needed, offering additional protection for areas such as bleachers and audience spaces, concessions, and equipment storage. With various colors, windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC options, the DAGB Series™ can be tailored to create the perfect outdoor stage cover or fully enclosed to create a concert hall.

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Side Curtains for Stage Covers

WeatherPort® stage covers offer the added flexibility of incorporating stylish side curtains designed to adapt to changing weather conditions. These side curtains can be easily attached, rolled up, or removed, allowing for quick adjustments based on the weather. Venues can select side curtains matching the canopy’s color or a complementary or contrasting shade for added visual appeal. For venues looking to boost their branding, logo printing is available on the solid curtains. This feature enhances the presence of the venue’s brand while maintaining a robust and adaptable structure for various outdoor events, allowing for a personalized and dynamic event space.

Create Colorful Stage Covers

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are the perfect solution for crafting versatile stage covers, suitable for seasonal and year-round use. With an extensive range of fabric colors and patterns and the option for custom logo printing, they offer unique and personalized stage cover options. These covers can be tailored to reflect the event’s theme or branding, whether for a music festival, theatrical performance, or any outdoor event. Additionally, the metal frames of these structures can be powder coated in various colors, increasing their durability and adding aesthetic value. This feature allows the stage covers to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment or stand out as a visual centerpiece, enhancing the overall look and feel of the event.

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