Retractable Fabric Buildings

Unique projects require custom-designed and retractable buildings. We offer manual and automated expandable building solutions.

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Fully or Partially Enclose Your Project With Retractable Buildings

Alaska Structures® provides fabric buildings for various applications and uses, including unique projects needing a retractable fabric building. Most commonly designed with the Alaska Structures DAGB Series™, our retractable building system is available in widths up to 120 feet and to any length. You can easily move these building systems along a rail system and provide the open-air or enclosed space needed for your jobsite.

Popular uses of retractable fabric buildings from Alaska Structures include the following:

  • Graving docks, dry docks and ship repair facilities for fully or partially enclosing vessels for repair and maintenance
  • Highway construction projects
  • Sandblasting and paint facilities for heavy equipment
  • Concrete plants, precast concrete manufacturing and curing facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities for large-scale components (bridge components, overpass sections, commercial roof trusses, wind turbine blades, etc.)

Retractable building solutions from Alaska Structures allow companies to quickly establish on-site facilities and easily relocate when the project’s needs change. Minimal foundation requirements allow our retractable buildings to securely anchor to intermodal containers (ISO containers), paved or unpaved roadways, dry docks and virtually any level surface.

Choose from manual or automated retractable building systems. Our automated retractable building system will depend on the availability of electricity at your fabric building’s location and your general facility’s needs. The number of people needed to expand or retract the manual version will depend entirely on the fabric building’s size.

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