Medical Shelters & Mobile Field Hospitals

Medical Shelters Provide Life-Saving Services In Remote Locations

When operating a remote workforce camp located hundreds of miles away from the nearest medical facilities, it is essential and often times mandatory to have medical shelters on-site capable of providing immediate medical care in the event of an accident. In the event it is a life-threatening incident, having on-site medical facilities to either treat or stabilize patients can mean the difference between life and death. Our medical facilities can be scaled and configured to support a small 10-person mineral exploration camp or a complete field hospital to support a 5,000-person workforce camp for a large construction project.

Utilize our 40+ years of experience providing engineered medical shelters and field hospitals. Alaska Structures® designs, engineers, and manufactures the highest quality medical shelters and field hospitals. Whether it is a first aid shelter, a triage shelter, a mobile clinic, portable surgical center, or fully equipped mobile field hospital, our scalable medical shelter systems can be configured to meet any specific operational requirement.

Since 1999, over 3,000 Alaska Medical Shelter Systems and field hospitals have been used in more than 85 countries! Our mobile medical facilities have been used by commercial customers, non-governmental organizations (NGO), disaster relief and emergency response agencies, governments, and militaries to provide all levels of medical care around the world.

Each Alaska Structures medical shelter is engineered to provide an unmatched level of safety, durability, customization, and rapid installation in remote and extreme areas anywhere in the world. Our medical shelters and field hospitals are fully enclosed and can be connected either end to end or by way of corridors – allowing for the movement of patients and medical staff within the medical facility. Optional insulation, HVAC, power generation, and power distribution systems provide an energy efficient solution for creating a comfortable interior environment and generating power if a reliable source of power is not available.

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Customized Healthcare Packages

Alaska Structures’ state-of-the-art medical shelters and mobile field hospitals are easy to transport, install quickly, designed for rapid response to any medical need, engineered to meet local and international building codes, and can be used for temporary assignments or installed and permanently left in place. Plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, medical equipment, HVAC and generators allow for turnkey medical shelters and field hospitals to be installed without the need of an electrician. With minimal foundation requirements, Alaska Structures’ medical shelters and field hospitals can be setup on virtually any surface. A vector-proof floor and optional sub-flooring or raised flooring system help provide a sealed interior environment on uneven surfaces. Customize your medical shelter to any length and choose from a large selection of product options.

Medical shelters by Alaska Structures are uniquely suited for:

    • Trauma surgical resuscitation and stabilization
    • Emergency care
    • Triage
    • Preventative Medicine
    • Negative pressure isolation
    • Decontamination
    • Primary care / non-emergency medical care
    • Dental services
    • Mental health
    • Morgue
    • ER / OR / ICU
    • Patient movement and evacuation
    • COVID-19 vaccination clinics (drive-through vaccination clinics also available)

Mobile Medical Shelter Solutions

Every Alaska Structure is backed by decades of engineering and a relentless pursuit to create the safest fabric structures and camp systems available. Not only do we have an experienced in-house engineering team, but we send our fabric structure designs to third-party engineering firms for verification. This added level of safety has been crucial to the success of our fabric buildings enduring the harshest and most extreme environments on the planet. No other company goes to such lengths to ensure the safety of their fabric buildings.

Below are our most popular fabric structure models that have been used for medical shelter systems and field hospitals:

Alaska Structures XPL-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsXPL SERIES
12’, 14’, 16’, 20’ Wide.
Quonset-Style Fabric Building with Hinged-Frame Design for Rapid Setup / Take Down.
Learn more about XPL Series buildings.

Alaska Structures SQX-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsSQX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide.
Quonset-Style Fabric Buildings for Big and Small Camps.
Learn more about SQX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures GBX-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsGBX SERIES
8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ Wide.
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures Ensure Maximum Use of Interior Space.
Learn more about GBX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures TSX-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsTSX SERIES
12’, 14’, 16’, 20’ Wide.
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures with Recessed End Panel Creates a Private Covered Porch.
Learn more about TSX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures Denali-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsDENALI SERIES
24’ Wide.
The Ultimate Tensioned Fabric Building for Medical Facilities, Dormitories, Offices, Kitchen / Dining Facilities with Hard Interior Walls, and includes Lighting, Electrical, HVAC and Water Systems.
More about Denali Series buildings.

Alaska Structures HGX-Series Medical Shelters and Field HospitalsHGX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide.
Heavy Gable-Style Buildings Provide a Robust and Portable Solution for Any Camp System, Schooling, or Medical Shelter Requirement.
Learn more about HGX Series buildings.

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