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High Performance School Building Projects Use Alaska Structures

With an annual estimated cost of $99 billion dollars to maintain current school infrastructure in the United States, many states are looking to reduce maintenance budgets and requiring new school building projects to be designed and built to a high-performance or green-building standard. A big shift now underway, is on new building technologies that focus on natural resource conservation, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and providing a healthy and safe learning environment.

Alaska Structures® designs and engineers the safest and most technologically advanced tensioned membrane structures available. Our school buildings and modular classrooms meet local and international building codes to ensure safety, as well as be compliant with ADA standards. The open span nature of our engineered fabric structures allows for school building designs up to 150’ wide and customizable to any length. Without the need for support columns, every square foot of interior space can be utilized. Translucent fabric can be used for natural lighting, creating a bright interior conducive to learning while decreasing energy usage. Energy efficient insulation and HVAC systems can be installed to maintain a comfortable learning environment.

Alaska Structures' tension fabric buildings can be used for temporary classrooms, modular classrooms, or permanent school buildings on campuses. Once setup, our engineered building systems are virtually maintenance free, drastically reducing the maintenance costs associated with maintaining typical education buildings. We use lean manufacturing methods to reduce waste during production, and the ability to relocate and easily expand school buildings designed and manufactured by Alaska Structures makes them more green than typical building constructions of wood, brick and mortar, or steel.

Leverage our 40+ years of experience working with school building architects, engineering firms, and school district leaders to develop high-performance school building designs that meet the state-wide, regional, district and site-specific requirements for your next school building or modular classroom project.

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Education Building Solutions

Whether it is a large school district with multiple campuses and more than 2,500 full-time equivalent students or a smaller school district, school building standards for primary schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, combined schools and higher education institutions require an integrated design process to ensure the project’s life cycle is able to accomplish high-performance strategies, achievements, and meet budgeted costs. Alaska Structures works with school district administrators and school board authorities, designers, engineers, and construction firms to provide a framework for identifying and implementing green building designs for new school construction, school renovations, or school additions.

Since 1975, Alaska Structures has constructed over 65,000 engineered fabric structures in over 85 countries. No other building manufacturer comes close to having the experience or proven track record as Alaska Structures. Schools and educational institutions have used our prefabricated fabric buildings for the following applications:

  • Modular Classrooms
  • University Housing
  • Modular Administrative Offices
  • Teacher Lounges
  • Special Event Buildings
  • School Gymnasiums / Athletic Training Facilities
  • School Auditoriums
  • Bus Barns / Maintenance Facilities
  • Research Laboratories
  • School Cafeterias / Dining Halls
  • Student Union Buildings
  • Aquatic Facilities / Pool Enclosures
  • Libraries / Book Stores / Media Centers
  • Covered Playgrounds / Field Areas
  • Equipment Storage
  • Facilities Management / Workshops

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High Performance School Building Models

The following Alaska Structures’ models can be configured to meet the building requirements for any new high performance school building or modular classroom.

Alaska Structures GBX-Series Modular Classroom BuildingsGBX SERIES
8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ Wide.
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures Ensure Maximum Use of Interior Space for Modular Classrooms.
Learn more about GBX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures Denali Classroom System
24’ Wide.
Denali Classroom Systems™, by Alaska Structures are the latest in portable classrooms that combine the spacious interior, portability, and reusability of a fabric building along with the most energy efficient features in the industry.
More about Denali Classroom Systems.

Alaska Structures HGX-Series Modular Classroom BuildingsHGX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide.
Heavy Gable-Style Buildings Provide a Robust and Portable Solution for Any High Performance School Building or Modular Classroom Requirement.
Learn more about HGX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures MTX-Series Modular Classroom BuildingsMTX SERIES
40’ Wide.
A Quonset-Style Multi-Purpose Medium Sized Fabric Structure used for School Cafeterias, Dining Halls, Large Classrooms, Laboratories, and Workshops for Facility Management - to name a few!
Learn more about MTX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures GTX-Series Modular Classroom BuildingsGTX SERIES
16’ to 150’ Wide.
Our Double-Arch Gable Style Fabric Buildings with Free Span Interiors Up to 150’ Wide and to Any Length. The Perfect High Performance School Building Solution for Any Requirement.
Learn more about GTX Series buildings.

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Increase Student Performance With High Performance School Buildings From Alaska Structures

High performance school buildings have been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Better student performance
  • Increased average daily attendance
  • Increased teacher satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced exposure to environment related sicknesses
  • A positive influence on the environment

A high quality school building from Alaska Structures can have a profound effect on student performance, and on the well-being of all occupants. There are many reasons why choosing a high performance school building or modular classroom from Alaska Structures is the correct choice!

Read more about the benefits of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures.

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