Alaska Carry Bag System
for Quick-Erect Shelters

The Alaska Carry Bag System is a heavy-duty transport and storage option for quick-erect shelters from Alaska Structures.

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Quickly Store or Transport Shelter Systems

Clients use the Alaska Carry Bag System from Alaska Structures® to store and transport our quick-erect shelters, including the Alaska XPL Series, GB Series and SQ Series. Made from a mil-spec, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant woven nylon material, our shelter carry bags offer a higher degree of strength and durability than typical canvas bags.

Made to fit all the components of your Alaska Shelter System and accessories (lights, power distribution panel, electric drops, cables and anchoring systems), we design our carry bags for one- and two-person lifts. We can tailor each bag weight to your specific needs, which allows transport in any vehicle or aircraft.

In addition to reducing transportation costs compared to palletized or crate shipments, each bag has a label for identifying and organizing your shelter components in the field and during relocation.

Sample Alaska Carry Bag System for a 16’ wide x 19.5’ long Alaska XPL Shelter System.

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