Modular Flooring Systems
for Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures offers many types of modular flooring systems for fabric buildings.

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Raising Fabric Buildings to a New Level

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any portable buildings from Alaska Structures, our modular flooring systems are easy to install or assemble.

Our raised flooring systems allow clients to install our portable buildings over uneven terrain, eliminating the need for extensive groundwork before installation.

Alaska Vinyl Flooring™

Ideal for expeditionary shelters or quick-erect shelters from Alaska Structures, the vector-proof, heavy-duty vinyl flooring creates a sealed interior environment to keep out dirt, dust, insects, snakes, rodents and pests.

The edges of Alaska Vinyl Flooring™ attach to the interior of the sides and end panels of the structure via heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners for fast and easy installation. When used on bumpy or rocky surfaces, we recommend using the Alaska Sub-Flooring System™ to prolong your vinyl floor’s life.

Want a custom-printed vinyl floor? How about adding your company logo to each fabric shelter’s vinyl floor? Logo printing services are available for Alaska Vinyl Flooring.

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Alaska Sub-Flooring System™

The Alaska Sub-Flooring System™, made of commercial-grade plastic, features a lightweight and corrugated design for strength. We make the preattached panels to fit inside the shelter base frame and protect Alaska Vinyl Flooring against rocks, gravel, debris and more. When not in use, the panels fold for packing or storage in Alaska Rotomolded Containers™.

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Insulated Vinyl Flooring

Alaska Structures can equip our expeditionary and quick-erect shelter systems with insulated vinyl flooring for use in extremely cold climates. The insulated vinyl flooring uses hook-and-loop fasteners to attach to the sides and end walls of the fabric shelter. This creates a sealed interior safe from snow, cold temperatures, dirt, dust, insects, rodents and pests.

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Interlocking Modular Tiles

Alaska Structures provides interlocking modular tiles for commercial applications needing a heavy-duty flooring system. Made of high-density plastic, we design each tile to withstand up to 25,000 pounds per square foot (PSF). This makes these tiles ideal for use in on-site mining truck repair and maintenance facilities, on-site warehouses, on-site storage buildings and manufacturing facilities.

Installable directly on uneven surfaces, the simple-connect panels create a uniform, slip-resistant and semi-level surface for large workspaces.

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Panelized Wood Platforms

Alaska Structures manufactures panelized wood platforms for our small fabric shelters and fabric buildings. The panelized wood platforms are available in heat- and pressure-treated wood or composite materials. This provides a raised, even flooring system on unimproved surfaces such as dirt, sand, gravel and rock.

Insulated wood flooring panels are available in freezing climates and include a vapor barrier. We can use linoleum flooring to cover the interior floor area if a client requests it.

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Coradex Flooring System™

The CORADEX Flooring System™ is a portable raised flooring system for uneven ground. Designed as a reusable and adjustable raised flooring system that’s easy to install on unimproved surfaces with unskilled labor, the CORADEX Flooring System offers a faster and more versatile alternative to concrete pad construction and panelized wood platforms.

Engineered to support heavy weight loads, we powder-coat the steel frame to protect the metal components from corrosion, especially in coastal areas with salt air or sea spray. Insulated ABS sheeting provides a high-strength, shock-resistant deck surface.

Additionally, the CORADEX Flooring System includes portable stairs with three steps and packs into Alaska Rotomolded Containers or ISO containers for shipping and storage.

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How Are Modular Flooring Systems Used?

Modular flooring systems from Alaska Structures support a wide range of applications across industries.

Typical uses include creating portable flooring systems for workforce housing and turnkey camp systems in remote locations. These may include large construction camps, oilfield man camps or mining camps in extremely cold climates that need an insulated flooring solution. Additionally, modular flooring systems create industrial and commercial spaces for heavy-equipment manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and repair facilities, on-site warehousing and aircraft hangars.

As the name suggests, a key advantage to modular flooring systems is the ability to move and relocate as the project’s needs change. This complements the ability to quickly establish jobsite offices, workspaces and living quarters using building solutions from Alaska Structures.

Clients use our modular flooring systems for temporary structures as well as semipermanent and permanent on-site facilities.

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