Pipeline & Conveyor Enclosures

Pipeline & Conveyor Enclosures for Safety & Durability

Alaska Structures® has been supplying the mining and oil & gas industry with conveyor and pipeline enclosures for over 40 years. These rugged industries work in extreme environments and need an enclosure that's capable of withstanding extreme conditions. With fabric structure designs that are voluntarily reviewed by a third-party engineering team, Alaska Structures' pipeline and conveyor belt enclosures are engineered for safety and durability. We strive to be the best and we're not afraid to put our engineering and financial muscle towards achieving that goal.

Used to shelter and seal overland conveyor belt systems, portable conveyors, and bulk handling conveyors in addition to oil & gas pipelines, our fabric structures are engineered to endure year-round use in any climate. Our pipeline and conveyor enclosures are available in sizes starting at 8 feet wide and to any length required.

In 1991, Alaska Structures completed a conveyor enclosure at Red Dog Mine, a zinc mine above the Arctic Circle. The conveyor enclosure exceeded 1 mile in length, has been in operation for 25 years, and is currently the longest fabric building on the planet. While other companies quoted 3- to 6-months to complete, Alaska Structures produced, shipped, and installed the mile-long conveyor belt enclosure within 28 days – allowing the Red Dog Mine to remain operational and achieving the goal of eliminating fugitive dust from effecting the surrounding environment, wildlife, and communities.

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Conveyor Belt Enclosures Reduce the Impact of Fugitive Dust

Conveyor and pipeline enclosures from Alaska Structures are designed to protect and mitigate the environmental and health hazards caused by fugitive dust. This is of great concern when dust particles can spread and have a negative impact on air quality, and effect local and subsistence hunting and gathering of nearby communities.

Alternative methods for controlling fugitive dust from conveyors are available, but do not compare to the long-term benefits of using a conveyor enclosure from Alaska Structures.

  • Spraying water is a technique used to help control dust, though depending on the ambient conditions can either dry quickly or depending on the material being sprayed, may only work to keep the surface moist. Any movement or disturbance during transportation will result in fugitive dust emissions. Additionally, run-off water may need to be collected and treated.
  • Chemical dust suppressants are expensive, provide a short-term benefit for reducing fugitive dust, and require spraying systems to be effective.
  • Wind fences are designed to slow air movement over a specific area of concern, not eliminate it. This means dust will still be picked up and carried away.

Conveyor enclosures by Alaska Structures can be engineered to fit any size conveyor system and customized to any length. The design of our tensioned fabric buildings can accommodate changes in direction and elevation. Our conveyor enclosures can quickly be installed with little to no disruption in operation, easily expanded, and left in place as a permanent installation or easily relocated. Alaska Structures’ conveyor enclosures can be designed to create a completely sealed environment, trapping dust particles.

As more attention and a greater emphasis is placed on environmental responsibility, oil and gas, and mining companies need to take a pro-active approach to reduce fugitive dust emissions. Alaska Structures has over 40 years of experience working with site directors, project managers, and engineering and construction firms to enclose pipeline and conveyor systems. Leverage our expertise for your next pipeline or conveyor enclosure project by contacting us.

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The Ultimate Conveyor & Pipeline Enclosure Building System

Alaska Structures GBX-Series Pipeline & Pump Station Enclosures
The GBX Series by Alaska Structures can be configured to meet building requirements to enclose conveyor and pipeline systems. Available in widths of 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, and 20’ wide, and customizable to any length and height, the straight-wall design allows for maximum use of interior space.

Larger building models are available for multi-lane and side-by-side conveyor enclosures.

Read more about the benefits of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures.

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