Remote Camp Systems

Camp Systems Create Mini-Cities In Remote Locations

When camp expeditors like Alaska Minerals, Discovery Mining Services and Tiaga Ventures are tasked with creating mini-cities where no infrastructure exists in remote places like Northern Canada, the North Slope of Alaska, Everest Base Camp at 17,500’ elevation, or the scorching deserts of Africa, they rely on Alaska Structures® proven ability to provide fully scalable remote camps. Whether it is a 4-person exploration camp for the mineral exploration industry or a 1,500-person construction camp that requires workforce housing, portable kitchens and a number of on-site storage buildings – each Alaska Structures camp building is specifically engineered to offer an unmatched level of safety, durability, customization, and rapid installation in remote and extreme areas anywhere in the world.

Going For Gold. Alaska Structures' Camp Systems

We got our start by producing fully engineered fabric buildings capable of withstanding heavy snow loads and high winds in extreme cold climates. Since 1975, we have field-tested over 65,000 tensioned fabric structures in over 85 countries and expanded our camp shelter capability to include not only cold-weather camps and polar camps but also desert camps, tropical camps, and jungle camps. No other company has the proven success or the experience of providing more camp buildings than Alaska Structures. If there were such a thing as a “gold standard” for fabric buildings and camp systems, the title would go to Alaska Structures. Let our camp expertise with over 40+ years of experience help design the ultimate camp solution to meet your exact camp requirements.

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The Value Of Versatile Camp Systems

Alaska Structures' fabric buildings and camp systems are portable, easy to install, and uniquely suited for sheltering people and equipment operating in remote and extreme environments around the world. Whether it be for commercial, industrial, or government applications, all of our fabric structures are customized to meet the exact needs of your project requirements and engineered to meet your site’s loads for safety. With a focus on application-specific design, we are able to scale and configure our fabric building systems to fulfill the requirements of small camps for mineral or oil-and-gas exploration, to large turnkey camp systems for as many as 5,000 people - including facilities such as:

  • Dining Halls
  • Recreation Centers
  • Mobile Offices
  • Dormitories
  • Workforce Housing
  • Medical Clinics
  • Laundry, Shower, and Restroom Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Facilities
  • Many additional configurations

Alaska Structures Camp Systems are ideally suited for use as:

  • Polar Camps
  • Fly-In Camps
  • Desert Camps
  • Tropical / Jungle Camps
  • Survival Shelters
  • Workforce Camp
  • Construction Camps
  • Remote Camps
  • Base Camps
  • Research Camps
  • Emergency Response / Disaster Relief / IDP Camps

Fabric Buildings Big And Small

Alaska Structures creates the best tension membrane structures on the market. We have a large catalogue of building designs to choose from. Customize your fabric structure or camp building to any length and with a wide range of product options.

Alaska Structures XT-Series Fire Station BuildingsXT SERIES
12' Wide.
The Perfect Tension Fabric Structure for Small Camps and Remote Camp Systems.
Learn more about XT Series buildings.

XPL-Series Quick-erect Fabric Quonset HutXPL SERIES
12’, 14’, 16’, 20’ Wide.
Quonset-Style Fabric Building with Hinged-Frame Design for Rapid Setup / Take Down.
Learn more about XPL Series buildings.

SQX-Series quonset hutSQX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide.
Quonset-Style Fabric Buildings for Big and Small Camps.
Learn more about SQX Series buildings.

GBX-Series Fabric BuildingsGBX SERIES
8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ Wide.
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures Ensure Maximum Use of Interior Space.
Learn more about GBX Series buildings.

TSX Series Cabin Fabric Structure with furniture - 3D Rendering.TSX SERIES
12’, 14’, 16’, 20’ Wide.
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures with Recessed End Panel Creates a Private Covered Porch.
Learn more about TSX Series buildings.

Denali-Series Fabric BuildingsDENALI SERIES
24’ Wide.
The Ultimate Tensioned Fabric Building for Dormitories, Offices, Kitchen / Dining Facilities with Hard Interior Walls, and Includes Lighting, Electrical, HVAC and Water Systems.
More about Denali Series buildings.

HGX-Series Fabric BuildingsHGX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide
Heavy Gable-Style Buildings Provide a Robust and Portable Solution for Any Camp System Requirement
Learn more about HGX Series buildings.

MTX-Series Fabric BuildingsMTX SERIES
40’ Wide.
A Quonset-Style Multi-Purpose Medium Sized Fabric Structure used for Workshops, Cold / Dry Storage, Dining Halls, and Vehicle / Equipment Maintenance to name a few.
Learn more about MTX Series buildings.

GTX-Series Fabric BuildingsGTX SERIES
16’ to 150’ Wide.
Our Double-Arch Gable Style Fabric Buildings. Free-Span Interiors Up to 150’ Wide and to Any Length.
Learn more about GTX Series buildings.

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The Details Of An Engineered Camp System

When it comes to safety, it’s hard to know who to trust. More and more fabric structures are now marketed as “engineered”. But what does this mean? If all fabric structure companies are now producing engineered fabric structures, then all of them must be safe for use, correct? The short answer is ‘No!’.

At the most basic level, and the method the majority of fabric structure companies use is called a linear elastic portal frame analysis. This is performed by software during the engineering phase of the project and is cause for concern, as it based on many assumptions and does not accurately predict the amount of force applied to each point of the structure.

The next level of fabric structure engineering involves creating a detailed three-dimensional (3D) nonlinear finite element model to study the response and predict the behavior of fabric structures. This process is better at predicting simulated loads and stresses. Due to the time and cost required to generate detailed models, this method is cost prohibitive for most fabric structure companies to do with every model they produce.

Alaska Structures takes a unique approach to engineering. To ensure the highest level of safety and durability, enabling our fabric buildings and camp systems to endure the most extreme and harshest conditions on the planet, to go above and beyond what other fabric structure companies do - we not only have an in-house engineering department that utilizes the 3D nonlinear finite element model analysis, but require a third-party engineering firm verify and approve all of our engineering. Thus ensuring we are providing the safest and most durable fabric buildings on the market.

All Alaska Structures are designed and engineered to meet local and international building codes.

Read more about the benefits of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures.

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