Fabric Buildings for
Gymnasiums and Athletic Facilities

Alaska Structures designs fabric buildings for gymnasiums and athletic facilities to fulfill a diverse range of indoor sports and recreational needs.

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Gymnasiums and Athletic Facilities

School physical education programs, intramural and collegiate athletics, recreation and fitness centers, and gyms often have too little space available to meet the demand for their indoor facilities. The significant costs and extensive construction schedules associated with typical building solutions also may limit expansion. Alaska Structures® helps solve these problems with rapidly deployable fabric buildings that drastically reduce construction times and offer many cost-saving benefits. Additionally, clients can expand, reconfigure and relocate our buildings to fulfill multiple purposes and changing needs.

Engineered to meet local codes and the international Building Code (IBC)

Reduced logistics, rapid installation and easy relocation

Weatherproof structures for protecting people and equipment

Designed to withstand extreme conditions anywhere in the world

Save Time and Money With Gymnasiums and Multipurpose Athletic Facilities

Gymnasium and athletic facility requirements fluctuate seasonally in response to demand. Our fabric buildings provide portable and temporary facilities for seasonal sports, outdoor pool coverings or physical education classes during a remodel project. Clients use our fabric structures year-round as indoor sports fields and courts, gyms, aquatic centers and other permanent facilities. Do you have other needs? Clients also use our fabric buildings for school assemblies, theater performances, public meetings, lecture halls and more.

Designing a new gymnasium or auditorium typically takes a year or longer. Additionally, institutions must work with architects, permitting agencies and general contractors. As a solution, our fabric buildings are available in many different models and sizes. Plus, we manufacture, deliver and install our modular building solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional building construction. We have over 50 years of experience providing high-quality building solutions that meet various uses and applications.

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Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are multipurpose buildings uniquely suited for applications like these:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Fitness Centers
  • Pool Enclosures and Aquatic Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Auxiliary Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Soccer Fields
  • Covered Tennis Courts
  • Cafeterias
  • Equipment Storage
  • Auditoriums
  • Theaters
  • Weight Rooms
  • Practice Facilities

Why Choose Engineered Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures?

Compared to other prefabricated building solutions and conventional building methods, engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer numerous advantages for gymnasiums and athletic facilities. These benefits include safety, long-lasting durability, easy installation and simple relocation.

Explore our advantages.

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