Fabric Buildings for Transportation and Public Works Departments

Fabric buildings help transportation and public works departments quickly create vehicle storage and repair facilities, workshops, and road salt and sand storage facilities. We deliver our high-quality fabric buildings on time and within budget.

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Fabric Structures for Transportation and Public Works

Transportation, public works and other infrastructure initiatives need building solutions to help them get the job done. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are the ideal solution for municipalities needing structures designed for rapid setup, portability, year-round use and safety.

You may need a multi-bay, drive-through shop for tractor-trailer fleets or a pull-in structure with 10 bays for mixed-vehicle operations. Either way, our maintenance facilities are available in an array of building models, sizes and options. Available in many sizes to meet your building needs, our engineered fabric structures support any-sized municipal fleets.

For year-round operations in extreme climates, we offer proprietary insulation systems. These systems increase energy efficiency and create a temperature-controlled facility using HVAC systems.

Furthermore, create building solutions to meet your public works or transportation department’s distinct challenges with Alaska Structures. Our engineered fabric buildings are the ultimate choice for protecting work crews and equipment from the elements.

Multipurpose Fabric Buildings for Any Public Works Application

Our multipurpose fabric buildings suit the building needs of any public works application. Our basic buildings also provide superior road salt and sand storage protection compared to other tensioned membrane structures.

Additionally, we can configure our fabric buildings with insulation systems, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems, personnel doors, equipment doors, and soft- and hard-wall partitions. These allow transportation departments to create high-performance fabric buildings for a range of applications:

On-Site Office Spaces and Laboratories: Create on-site office spaces for transportation and public works operations. Our HGB Series™ or GB Series™ buildings are popular for field offices. Meanwhile, larger operations should consider the DAGB Series™ buildings for on-site offices. Learn more.

Storage Facilities and Maintenance Buildings for Public Works Vehicles: Our engineered fabric structures can accommodate municipal fleets of any size, no matter how many vehicles your department operates. Learn more.

Temporary and Permanent Fire Stations: Expand your local fire station, create a temporary station for a remote project or respond to emergencies like wildfires with fabric buildings that meet any emergency needs. Learn more.

Prepare and Protect Road Salt and Sand Supplies: Protect road salt and sand piles to prevent loss and contain salt-saturated runoff with our bulk storage buildings. Our open-span buildings allow trucks, plows and front-loaders to safely operate inside the fabric structure.
Learn more.

Pipeline and Pump Station Enclosures: Our engineered fabric structures are ideal for creating pipeline stations for metering, compressors, mainline valves and pumps. They also easily accommodate product terminals, pressure-regulating facilities and pipeline enclosures. Learn more.

Reduce Waste With Our Green Fabric Building Solutions: Our green building solutions are perfect for waste management operations that must quickly expand recycling centers, transfer stations and sorting and processing facilities.
Learn more.

A temperature-controlled vehicle maintenance facility for public works departments using a DAGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures.

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The Advantages of Engineered Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures

We engineer our high-performance buildings to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires.

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