Fabric Buildings for Waste Management and Recycling Centers

Fabric buildings are a turnkey solution for waste management, recycling centers, and transfer waste transfer stations. 

When physical plants are under construction for improvements, a high-functioning, safe structure may be necessary to continue operations. To meet specifications and stay within budget, fabric buildings are the best solution on the market. 

Fabric Buildings Designed for Waste Management and Recycling Centers

Engineered for quick transport and assembly, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are the best prefabricated building solution for any waste management and recycling center’s needs. 

Although our tension fabric buildings are designed with modularity and portability in mind, the materials we use are selected for extreme weather conditions. Whether it's a research facilities in the frozen tundra or a military shelters in the scorching desert, our construction standards are high. To ensure the fabric structures can stand up to any and all of Mother Nature's challenges, Alaska Structures engineers fabric buildings to meet specific wind and snow loads required by building code where the waste management facility or recycling center is located.

Our fabric buildings are custom-designed to meet any size and specification. We utilize the highest-quality materials and proprietary manufacturing methods to produce the strongest and longest-lasting fabric buildings available. Additional product options include insulation, electrical and lighting systems, HVAC, windows, and doors.

Additionally, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are easy to transport, ship, and expand as needs grow. This differs greatly from the construction needed to make changes to permanent buildings made of wood, steel, and brick. 

Fabric Buildings for Improving Waste Management Facility Operations

Fabric buildings allow waste management companies to quickly adapt and change to meet the community's needs. Whether expanding, renovating, or building a new waste management facility, fabric buildings offer many advantages over other prefabricated building solutions to improve operations.

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Fabric Buildings for Recycling Centers

Traditionally, recycling centers have been constructed from metal or other conventional materials. Over time, the increased need to expand, relocate, and maintain these buildings has led to fabric buildings being a more attractive option. 

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be installed in a fraction of the time required to assemble a metal or steel building, once set up they are virtually maintenance-free, and they can be easily taken down and relocated or expanded as the needs of the recycling center change. Our fabric buildings are used around the world for drop-off recycling centers, sorting facilities, and transfer stations.

Fabric Buildings for Composting Centers

Composting is an important part of dealing with organic material at waste facilities, but limited space and environmental factors such as heavy wind, rain, and freezing temperatures threaten its process. 

Tensioned membrane fabric structures are a solution for composting because they provide a clean and dry environment, and have large entryways for vehicles to easily transport compost materials in and out of the facility. This allows for natural ventilation for odor control while reducing related electricity costs. 

Fabric structures are also cheaper to install, typically cost less per square foot, and have an open span design that allows compost to be arranged in a way that maximizes efficiency. Facilities often receive more compost than originally planned, and the expansion capabilities of fabric buildings provide additional space to process any surplus material.

Large Fabric Buildings for Waste Management Facilities 

The Alaska Structures MTX Series and GTX Series are the best choices for waste management facilities and recycling centers needing a large fabric building. 

The Alaska MTX Series (40’ Wide Fabric Buildings)

The first choice to meet any organization’s need for a high-quality industrial facility is the MTX Series of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. The MTX Series comes as a ready-to-use complete prefabricated building solution. These fabric buildings are 40 feet wide and readily available in 40, 60, or 80-foot lengths. Additional lengths and optional add-ons are available, too. 

The Alaska MTX Series is a single-arch, open-span design that offers much faster construction times when compared to buildings made of wood, metal, and brick. 

The Alaska GTX Series

For applications that require large open-span structures between 16’ and 150’ wide, the GTX Series of gable truss buildings are a popular solution. Clients use the Alaska GTX Series in commercial, industrial, and government applications around the world.  

The GTX Series is the ultimate large fabric building solution and is custom-designed to your waste management or recycling center needs.

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Both the MTX Series and the GTX Series offer the following advantages for waste management facilities and recycling centers:

  • Less site preparation than traditional buildings made of wood, metal, and brick
  • Minimal foundation requirements reduces the overall environmental impact
  • Strong, long-lasting fabric membranes paired with high-strength frame systems provide an unmatched level of durability
  • Engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads to withstand the most extreme environments
  • Flexibility in energy efficiency with the use of Alaska Structures’ proprietary insulation, lighting, electrical, flooring, and HVAC systems
  • Easily expandable as the needs of the operations grow
  • A large variety of door sizes and styles to suit moving large equipment and materials
  • Easy low-cube packing makes for simple storage and rapid, economical shipping options

Waste Management Facility Solutions by Alaska Structures

When your organization finds itself in need of additional or alternative space to successfully operate, reach out to Alaska Structures to custom-design a fabric building for your waste management facility by calling +1-907-344-1565, sending us an email at inquiry@alaskastructures.com, or requesting a quote online.

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