Quickly create the perfect hunting cabin using a WeatherPort® fabric structure and enjoy a weatherproof and protected space to warm up and relax after a fun-filled day spent hunting.

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As the warm days of Summer yield to the crisp embrace of Autumn, the excitement of hunting season is enhanced with the addition of WeatherPort® hunting cabins. These portable lodgings can be designed to accommodate one to six occupants along with their hunting gear. They are insulated and can be safely equipped with a portable gas heater or a wood-burning stove. Crafted to withstand the harsh elements of high-country terrains, such as powerful, chilly winds and heavy snowfall, these cabins ensure that your hunting expedition isn’t shortened due to adverse weather conditions. WeatherPort® hunting cabins are far from the typical camouflaged camping tent often portrayed as a “hunting blind,” offering a sturdy and reliable alternative. Investing in a WeatherPort® hunting cabin is not merely a purchase but a wise decision for creating an enjoyable hunting experience. After a long day of hunting in the cold, imagine the relief of returning to the warmth and comfort of your private cabin, a haven protected from the bone-chilling cold, relentless wind, and snow, where you can warm up around a heater.

WeatherPort® hunting cabins are offered in various building styles and sizes and a wide selection of configurable options. You can choose from camouflage designs, windows with hook-and-loop covers, clear-plastic, screens, built-in gun ports, brush loops, various flooring systems, insulation packages, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, as well as a range of stove and heating systems. Unlike canvas tents, wall tents, standard hunting blinds, or camping tents, WeatherPort® hunting cabins form a weatherproof safe space. Each hunting cabin is engineered to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by local or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety and long-lasting durability. The structure comprises a durable fabric membrane tensioned over a high-strength metal frame system, available in lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel. It can be powder coated in an array of colors for additional corrosion protection. These aren’t your average “backpacker’s tent”; they’ve been engineered to be packed into single or two-person carry bags, making them ideal for transporting with an ATV.

A WeatherPort® hunting cabin, or a cluster of them, is an excellent solution for setting up a hunting camp in remote areas and establishing a central base of operations. It can be used season after season.

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TSX Series portable cabin in woods on raised platform
The interior of a 16’ x 19.5’ hunting cabin (XPL Series™) from Alaska Structures® shown with an optional liner and insulation system, a portable stove, and our plug-and-play lighting and electrical system.


Immerse yourself in the tranquil solitude of the wilderness or engage in a thrilling game of cribbage after an exhaustive day of hunting with your friends and family, all within the comfort of your WeatherPort® hunting cabin! Our hunting cabins are thoughtfully designed to accommodate anywhere from one to six people, making them perfect for individual hunters and groups. Additionally, they can be configured into large or multiple structures, an ideal choice for setting up hunting or outfitting camps. WeatherPort® hunting cabins are American-made, durable fabric structures that are weatherproof and quick to assemble, designed for portability, and can be insulated and heated, ensuring warmth during those freezing nights!

Our cabins have been engineered for secure anchoring on virtually any leveled surface, ranging from dirt and sand to gravel and even concrete slabs, foundations, or footings. After setup, these cabins demand minimal upkeep, allowing you to dedicate your time to the most significant aspect – the thrill of the hunt. The following are our most sought-after models and sizes of hunting cabins!


The XPL Series™ fabric shelter is an exceptional choice for hunters and operators of hunting or fishing camps who require a quick-erect shelter that can be fully set up in just 10-15 minutes. This expeditionary shelter offers flexibility for year-round usage or easy relocation during hunting season. Its revolutionary hinged high-strength frame design facilitates easy transportation in one- or two-person carry bags, making it ideal for remote hunting sites. The XPL Series™ fabric shelter can be fitted with personnel or roll-up zipper doors, insulation and heated with a portable gas or wood-burning stove for ultimate comfort. Available in widths of 12′, 14′, 16′, and 20′, with lengths in 6.5′ increments, the XPL Series™ offers a range of sizes to fit your specific hunting cabin needs. Popular XPL Series™ hunting cabins include:

  • 12’ x 13’ Hunting Cabin (XPL Series™)
  • 14’ x 19.5’ Hunting Cabin (XPL Series™)
  • 16’ x 19.5’ Hunting Cabin (XPL Series™)
  • 20’ x 32.5’ Hunting Cabin (XPL Series™)
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Ranging from 12′ to 30′ in width, the SQ Series™ provides an exceptional array of options for quickly constructing a hunting cabin or establishing a hunting camp. WeatherPort® hunting cabins are known for their robust and adaptable design. They offer many configurable options, including windows, gun ports, personnel doors, partition systems, or even a heavy-duty, roll-up zipper door designed for easy ATV storage. With the SQ Series™, you can rapidly set up a one-of-a-kind cabin for your upcoming hunting season! Popular SQ Series™ hunting cabins include:

  • 8’ x 10’ Hunting Cabin (SQ Series™)
  • 10’ x 12’ Hunting Cabin (SQ Series™)
  • 12’ x 14’ Hunting Cabin (SQ Series™)
  • 14’ x 20’ Hunting Cabin (SQ Series™)
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Enhance your hunting season and hunting cabin experience with our GB Series™ fabric buildings. The design of these hunting cabins features straight walls, setting a new benchmark in the field. WeatherPort® hunting cabins are meticulously engineered with heavy-duty framing and a tensioned architectural membrane to offer unparalleled protection during harsh weather conditions. The straight-wall design of our GB Series™ maximizes interior space, ensuring optimal comfort and utilization of the cabin space. Available in widths ranging from 8′ to 20′, WeatherPort® hunting cabins using the GB Series™ fabric building provide a versatile solution designed to cater to your hunting cabin requirements. Popular GB Series™ hunting cabins include:

  • 8’ x 8’ Hunting Cabin (GB Series™)
  • 10’ x 12’ Hunting Cabin (GB Series™)
  • 12’ x 20’ Hunting Cabin (GB Series™)
  • 20’ x 30’ Hunting Cabin (GB Series™)
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TSX Series™ hunting cabins resemble the GB Series™ (described above) but have an innovative twist – a recessed front-end panel that creates a front porch and a covered area for convenient outdoor gear storage. The TSX Series™ hunting cabins bring a new level of sophistication and comfort to your hunting experience. The straight-wall design, characteristic of the GB Series™, is incorporated into the TSX Series™, maximizing interior space for optimal comfort and use. Built with heavy-duty framing and a tensioned architectural membrane, our hunting cabins provide unparalleled protection against harsh weather conditions. The TSX Series™ hunting cabins are available in widths ranging from 8′ to 20′, offering a versatile solution tailored to your specific hunting needs. Some popular TSX Series™ hunting cabin models include:

  • 10’ x 12’ Hunting Cabin (TSX Series™)
  • 12’ x 14’ Hunting Cabin (TSX Series™)
  • 14’ x 20’ Hunting Cabin (TSX Series™)
  • 20’ x 30’ Hunting Cabin (TSX Series™)
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The HGB Series™ is a distinctive gable-style fabric building with an innovative “soft eave” design. WeatherPort® hunting cabins made using HGB Series™ fabric buildings are engineered for regions susceptible to strong winds and substantial snowfall and offer unrivaled protection against harsh weather conditions. Available in widths from 15′ to 30′, these hunting cabins deliver abundant space for you, your guests, and all your hunting equipment. Partition systems enable the creation of a multi-room hunting cabin, accommodating several guests comfortably. HGB Series™ hunting cabins offer exceptional flexibility and are often used as dining facilities, gathering areas, activity centers, and lounges for high-end hunting and outfitting camps. Popular HGB Series™ hunting cabins include:

  • 15’ x 30’ Hunting Cabin (HGB Series™)
  • 22’ x 40’ Hunting Cabin (HGB Series™)
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Alaska Structures® offers a variety of door systems for our WeatherPort® hunting cabins. Your choice of door may be determined by the size and model of the fabric building you opt for. We provide a range of door options to cater to your needs, facilitating easy and convenient entry and exit from your hunting cabin!


Our heavy-duty zipper doors are a favored option for those seeking hunting cabins without the cumbersome transport of a hard door. Crafted from our heavy-duty fabric, these doors can be conveniently folded for easy transportation into and out of remote areas. In addition, our heavy-duty, roll-up zipper doors are an excellent solution for quickly storing ATVs and other hunting equipment within the shelter. We utilize strong alligator clips to ensure the fabric entry door is held in place when rolled up.


Typically positioned behind the heavy-duty, roll-up zipper door, our mesh doors allow you to enjoy natural airflow when the weather is favorable. Then, securely close the heavy-duty, roll-up zipper door when weather conditions worsen. The roll-up mesh doors are preferred for hunting cabins in warmer climates. The fine mesh deters bugs and uninvited guests while facilitating natural ventilation. Durable alligator clips are used to securely fasten the mesh door in place when it’s rolled up.


WeatherPort® hunting cabins can be fitted with personnel doors. Initially designed for military shelter systems , these doors provide outstanding durability and are lightweight, ensuring ease of use in challenging conditions. Furthermore, our personnel doors can be customized with a compact square window, ingeniously merging strength with visibility, resulting in an all-inclusive hunting cabin solution.


For those who prefer traditional aesthetics, WeatherPort® hunting cabins can be configured with standard entry doors. We offer a variety of options in wood or fiberglass, with or without windows, to suit the aesthetic of your dream hunting cabin. Similar to the doors found in standard homes, our offerings include framed and locking doors, ensuring an easy installation process and long-lasting durability. This attention to detail and flexibility further cements our commitment to making your hunting cabin truly feel like a home away from home.

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Below are photographs of some of the most popular WeatherPort® hunting cabins, showcasing their unique designs and various configurable options.


For over 50 years, the WeatherPort® brand of Alaska Structures® has been a hallmark of superior American-made fabric structures, renowned for their resilience and dependable longevity. Whether you’re inquiring about a quote, needing more information about our WeatherPort® hunting cabins, or looking to establish a complete hunting camp that offers a five-star experience to guests, we warmly welcome you to reach out to us through the form provided below.