Engineered Fabric Structures
For Ski Lodges and Resorts

World-class ski resorts trust in our expertise and engineered fabric structures to ensure guests experience unparalleled safety and luxury amid the harshest winter elements.

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Onsite Ski Facilities Designed for Durability

Famed ski destinations like Breckenridge Ski Resort, Vail Mountain Resort, and Aspen Mountain Ski Resort aim to give their visitors an unparalleled skiing adventure — no wonder they opt for the top-notch fabric structures provided by Alaska Structures®. Across the globe, ski resorts utilize our fabric structures for purposes like ski rentals, equipment storage, snow groomer garages, ski training areas, downhill skiing start gates, dining spots, relaxation lounges, warming huts, lift line covers, and enclosures for rope tows/magic carpets. Available in various models and sizes and adaptable to specific requirements, our heavy-duty fabric structures present a visually distinct and secure environment where guests can rent or test gear, warm themselves, savor a hot beverage, or rejuvenate before resuming their skiing adventures.

Safety is at the forefront of our ski lodge and resort facilities. Our tensioned fabric buildings are meticulously crafted to cater to each ski resort’s specific wind and snow loads. While other manufacturers might advocate their structures’ “snow-shedding” feature, this often implies lesser engineering and non-compliance with necessary snow loads. Having roots in Alaska, we’re well aware that snow, under certain conditions, will cling to almost any surface. Leveraging over five decades of engineering expertise in extreme environments, we’ve learned to not just depend on snow shedding. Instead, we engineer our structures in line with local or International Building Code (IBC) standards, ensuring resilience against heavy snow and high wind loads, thus guaranteeing safety and enduring quality.

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The Auburn Ski Club Training Center in Truckee, California, is a non-profit sports facility that allows families and athletes from across Northern California the ability to participate in winter sports and cross-country skiing. Multiple ski facilities from Alaska Structures® are used during the XC Junior Nationals.

Over 400 inches of snow annually await advanced and expert skiers looking for private, guided, and unguided Colorado backcountry black diamond skiing with a roughly 10,000’ vertical. Warm up and rest at the Silverton Mountain base (a ski lounge and warming facility from Alaska Structures®) between runs.

Stratton Mountain Resort offers year-round activities, including skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment at The Village. Ready to hit the slopes? Stop by the ski rental shop from Alaska Structures®, gear up, and then take a lift to one of the 97 runs!

Advantages of Fabric Ski Facilities

When you opt for a fabric ski facility from Alaska Structures®, you’re choosing more than just a building; you’re investing in unmatched quality, safety, and convenience. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. American-Made Excellence: Every fabric building we produce is manufactured in the USA, crafted with top-tier materials, and overseen with rigorous quality assurance. The result? Structures designed to surpass the performance and longevity of other modular options.
  2. Maximized Space with Open-Span Design: Say goodbye to intrusive support columns. Our fabric ski facilities boast an open-span interior, ensuring that every inch is usable, optimized space.
  3. Minimal Foundations: With minimal foundational requirements, our buildings cut down on construction expenses and speed up the setup process.
  4. Fast Setup, Year-Round Utility: Designed for quick installation, our structures can stand tall throughout the year as a permanent establishment. Need something more temporary? They can also be disassembled with ease for seasonal use.
  5. Low Maintenance, High Efficiency: Traditional wooden structures often demand regular, costly upkeep. Our fabric buildings? They stand resilient with minimal maintenance, letting you focus on what truly matters – providing guests with the ultimate skiing experience.
  6. Customizable to Perfection: Every ski facility has unique needs. Whether it’s windows, doors, insulation, flooring, HVAC, lighting, or electrical systems, our fabric ski structures can be tailored precisely to your vision, ensuring guests experience the pinnacle of comfort and ambiance.

Choose Alaska Structures® and elevate the skiing experience for your guests with our state-of-the-art fabric ski facilities. The following building models from Alaska Structures® are our most popular fabric buildings used by ski lodges and ski resorts around the world:

Ideal for ski events, ski rental stands, start gates, warming huts, and lift line covers, the 4-sided WeatherPort® canopy from Alaska Structures® is a heavy-duty solution capable of withstanding heavy snow loads and strong winds. Enhance guest safety and quickly create protected spaces from harsh winter weather by enclosing the 4-sided canopy using an assortment of optional side curtains.

The WeatherPort® 4-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 10’ x 10’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 15’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 20’ Canopy
  • 12’ x 12’ Canopy
  • 16’ x 16’ Canopy
  • 20’ x 20’ Canopy
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In search of a unique hexagonal canopy to establish a central gathering point at a ski resort, an event venue, or a spacious outdoor area for guests to gear up before hitting the slopes? The WeatherPort® Hexapae™ by Alaska Structures® is a heavy-duty, 6-sided canopy structure created for seasonal and year-round use in regions with high wind and heavy snow loads.

The WeatherPort® 6-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 16’ Diameter Hexapae™
  • 30’ Diameter Hexapae™
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The WeatherPort® Octopae™ by Alaska Structures® is renowned for its eye-catching design and sturdy construction. This 8-sided canopy is fast to set up and take down, making it ideal for seasonal or year-round use. Elegant side curtains can be added to fashion a cozy event or gathering space, shielding from unpredictable mountain weather. Conversely, with open sides or raised curtains, guests can relish a fusion of indoor comfort and the breathtaking beauty of the snowy slopes and scenic ski terrains.

The WeatherPort® octagonal canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 35’ Diameter Octopae™
  • 40’ Diameter Octopae™
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Ski resorts and lodges looking to enhance their outdoor ski facilities or construct multipurpose spaces should turn to the WeatherPort® Jubilee series by Alaska Structures®. Rapidly assembled, our Jubilee series fabric structures are perfect for quickly creating event spaces, warming shelters, gear-up areas, and ski rental shops and providing lift line covers or enclosures for rope tows and magic carpet lifts. They are a superior and visually appealing option, with widths ranging from 15′ to 40′ and configurable to any length in 10′ increments. Whether employed seasonally or throughout the year, WeatherPort® Jubilee structures elevate your ski resort by offering spaces for additional amenities and keeping guests protected from the unpredictable mountain weather.

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Embrace a fresh approach to ski facilities with the WeatherPort® Yurt Series from Alaska Structures®. Whether for an information kiosk, help center, aid station, ski rental shop, cozy warming hut, or upscale yurt for onsite lodging, the WeatherPort® Yurt stands out as the only yurt featuring an engineered steel frame. This unique blend of a heavy-duty metal frame system and a tensioned fabric membrane sets it apart, offering a durability and unique aesthetic, unlike any other yurt structure on the market. Available in sizes ranging from 12′ to 30′ diameters, WeatherPort® Yurts can be configured with an extensive range of window and door choices, skylight domes, insulation, HVAC, flooring, and integrated lighting and electrical solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for any ski resort’s requirements or ski facility vision.

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In mountainous regions prone to strong winds and heavy snowfall, the Heavy Gable Building (HGB) Series™ by Alaska Structures® is the optimal choice for ski resorts and lodges committed to offering their visitors safe, season-round (or seasonal) ski amenities. Quick to set up, the HGB Series™ fabric structures are versatile – from establishing new ski facilities to enclosing outdoor pools during the cold months. They address the diverse demands of ski establishments globally. With availability in widths reaching 30′ and configurable to any length, these structures can be outfitted with a variety of features like windows, doors, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC to tailor-fit your resort’s specifications.

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The Double Arch Gable Building (DAGB) Series™ from Alaska Structures® is an expansive, multipurpose building solution perfect for ski lodges and resorts. Capable of spanning a range of customizable widths and configurable to any length, it’s an optimal choice for quickly establishing grand indoor spaces where skiers and guests can take refuge, heat up, gear up, relax, and recharge before hitting the slopes again. The structure can be tailored to any ski venue’s vision with an open-span design free from intrusive support columns. Multiple options – from diverse colors, windows, doors, lighting setups, and insulation choices to HVAC systems – ensure the facility aligns seamlessly with the specific needs and ambiance of your ski resort or lodge.

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Fabric Color Options for Ski Facilities

Alaska Structures® crafts unique ski facilities that align with the unique ambiance of your ski resort or lodge. Whether you’re aiming for a color palette that resonates with your existing buildings, a subtle hue that melds with the surrounding mountain majesty, or bold contrasting colors to serve as a distinct landmark for guests to flock to between ski runs, our fabric buildings cater to the design needs of your preference. Our vast selection of fabric colors and patterns and the advanced in-house capability to print near magazine-quality images on our tensioned fabric membranes ensure your facility embodies your envisioned aesthetic.

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For premier ski lodges and bustling ski resorts aiming to create captivating outdoor spaces or enhance existing facilities quickly, Alaska Structures® offers WeatherPort® canopies, event structures, and fabric buildings meticulously crafted to withstand the harsh alpine environment. Our superior fabric structures are tailor-made to augment resort amenities, providing skiers and visitors with a distinctive and safe experience that complements your operational goals. Please use the contact form below to request a quote or for more information on our ski facilities.

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