DAGB Series™

Double-Arch Buildings
Designed to Create Large Open-Span Structures

Large fabric buildings create instant structures on an industrial scale while drastically reducing construction times and overall life cycle costs.

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The DAGB Series - Large Fabric Buildings

Go big with the DAGB Series™ from Alaska Structures®. Our DAGB Series includes gable truss buildings configurable to many widths and to any length. Our large fabric buildings uniquely suit commercial, industrial and government applications that require large open-span structures. Alaska Structures offers hundreds of sizes, styles and configurations for our rugged DAGB Series. We engineer and design them for fast assembly and disassembly, making them the most portable double-arch buildings available.

Other fabric building providers rely on a “snow shed” to reduce the engineering (and strength) of their buildings. At Alaska Structures, we engineer all DAGB Series fabric buildings to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires. Large fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are easier to install than traditional wood-built structures, steel buildings, precast concrete buildings and brick-and-mortar structures.

We proudly make fabric buildings from Alaska Structures in the U.S., and our clients use them in more than 85 countries. Our fabric buildings are renowned for their durability and ability to endure prolonged use in the world’s most extreme climates.

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Alaska Structures DAGB Series industrial warehouse and storage building
A large and temperature-controlled industrial warehouse and storage building made using a DAGB Series fabric building from Alaska Structures.

Large Fabric Structures for Any Application

For more than 50 years, Alaska Structures has successfully provided thousands of high-quality fabric buildings around the world, on time and within budget. Our DAGB Series of tensioned membrane structures are uniquely suited for use as the following:


Whether you urgently need to create a state-of-the-art 500,000-square-foot painting facility next to an electric vehicle assembly plant, mission-critical buildings for business continuity, an on-site dining facility to feed 1,000 workers at a time, an industrial warehouse to store essential pieces of equipment, vehicle maintenance facilities to keep mining trucks operational, aircraft hangars or indoor university athletic facilities, our large double-truss structures are the ultimate solution for quickly creating on-site buildings.

Other “instant structure” providers require extensive (and costly) foundation and preconstruction site work and require months to build. However, a DAGB Series fabric building from Alaska Structures features few foundation requirements and can securely anchor to virtually any level surface.


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