Warming Huts for
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Warming huts from Alaska Structures® are crucial for ensuring guests, participants, staff, and spectators remain comfortable and are shielded from the cold while enjoying winter activities.

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Raise Your Guests' Experience with Warming Huts

Ski resorts and ski lodges use warming huts as a heated refuge for winter sports enthusiasts to seek shelter from severe weather. As temperatures drop and the chill of winter sets in, the outdoors becomes an adventure arena for thrill-seekers. With the right safety measures and the availability of a warming hut from Alaska Structures®, there’s no need to give up on outdoor activities due to the cold weather. Whether guests are racing down the ski slopes, participating in winter sports like downhill skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, or competing in grand events like the Winter X Games, warming huts provide a warm and sheltered space essential for day-long winter activities. This is particularly true in isolated locations where a ski lodge may be absent, offering hot meals and comforting beverages.

Alaska Structures® is the leading global supplier of engineered fabric building systems. Available in many models and sizes and with optional insulation and heating systems, our warming huts are set up quickly and offer unmatched durability for outdoor enthusiasts, like cross-country skiers, backcountry snowboarders, snowshoers, and sled dog racers, who face winter conditions for prolonged periods. We work closely with winter sports event planners, ski resort owners, and operations directors to meticulously design warming huts able to meet specific wind and snow loads required by the local or International Building Code (IBC) for safety. Warming huts from Alaska Structures® offer the convenience of being installed and used year-round, or they can be quickly disassembled and stored away for the following winter season.

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Two SQ Series™ warming huts from Alaska Structures® are used by Alpine Ascents International at Camp Muir on Mount Rainier.
Two SQ Series™ warming huts from Alaska Structures® are used by Alpine Ascents International at Camp Muir on Mount Rainier.

Fabric Structures Make Great Warming Huts

A warming hut from Alaska Structures® offers a multitude of perks and benefits for anyone who plans on spending any amount of time outdoors in winter weather. Our tensioned fabric structures perform exceptionally well in all types of weather, especially extreme temperatures as low as negative 80 degrees Fahrenheit! No other fabric-building system is engineered to withstand prolonged use in such punishing conditions.

By design, our fabric buildings offer an unrivaled degree of portability compared to more conventional building construction, like wood, brick-and-mortar, or metal buildings. Our fabric buildings employ a high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum or galvanized steel frame system. Our metal frames can also be ordered with an optional powder coating for highly corrosive environments or to improve interior aesthetics. The tensioned membrane is made for long-lasting durability, is UV stabilized (not coated), rot, mold, and mildew resistant, and can be ordered to exceed the California Code of Regulations (CCR) for membrane structures. Another benefit of our fabric buildings is that they have a minimum foundation requirement, reducing the time and cost of pre-site construction work if set up permanently. They can be anchored to any ground type to ensure safety.

When you choose a warming hut from Alaska Structures®, you have the ability to configure the width, height, and length, and a myriad of choices, including insulation (capable of meeting any R-value), heating systems (stoves and heaters), ventilation, flooring systems, lighting and electrical systems, windows, and doors of all types and sizes. Our tensioned fabric membranes are available in many colors. Choose from bright orange to create a structure that is easily identifiable from a distance or easy to find when blizzard conditions prevail. Or choose a color combination and pattern that matches your existing ski resort buildings or blends in with nature. Add your ski resort logos or a unique design. Our in-house printing capability is an excellent solution for creating warming huts with logos for band identity or promotional purposes.

If you’re seeking a warming hut to allow guests to escape from cold temperatures, snow, and wind, a WeatherPort® Canopy is the perfect solution! Our heavy-duty canopies are robust and reliable, and configurable with many add-ons, such as side curtains for extra privacy and protection from the elements. Available in an array of sizes, WeatherPort® Canopies cater to small groups of people or a large group, offering flexibility based on your warming hut needs.

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WeatherPort® Yurts from Alaska Structures® are an ideal solution for warming huts, providing guests with a warm, sheltered space away from harsh winter elements. Our steel-framed yurts can be tailored to emulate lodge-like amenities, including bars serving hot drinks and cozy seating areas. Available in a variety of sizes, WeatherPort® Yurts come with multiple window and door options. They also include insulation packages and the ability to incorporate wood-burning stoves, heaters, or HVAC systems, ensuring the ultimate comfort for your guests. These yurts represent a perfect blend of tradition, comfort, and adaptability, making them a unique choice for your warming hut needs.

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If warming hut options are what you’re seeking, look no further than the SQ Series™! Globally utilized by ski resorts, lodges, and winter events, this favored fabric structure is sure to augment guests’ outdoor activities, encouraging more time spent on the slopes. Thanks to its straightforward assembly, the SQ Series™ offers a faster return on investment when compared to the time and costs of new building construction. Available in an extensive selection of sizes, our SQ Series™ warming huts can be tailored to suit your needs with a plethora of colors, window and door selections, as well as insulation and heating systems.

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Maximize the utility of your warming hut with GB Series™ fabric buildings from Alaska Structures®. With their gable-style structure, these buildings feature a straight wall design that optimizes interior space, providing ample room for guests and equipment to escape the frigid outdoors. With a maximum width of 20′ and customizable to any height or length, the GB Series™ warming hut can be tailored to meet your precise needs! Additionally, the GB Series™ warming hut presents a blend of practicality and personalization, with a host of configurable options such as fabric colors and patterns, windows and doors, insulation systems, as well as heating systems. This ensures guests enjoy a warm, safe environment regardless of the outdoor conditions.

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In regions prone to severe winds and heavy snowfall, our Heavy Gable Building (HGB) Series™ is the perfect system for offering guests a secure area to heat up after enjoying activities in the frosty outdoors. With availability up to 30′ wide, adjustable height and length, our HGB Series™ warming huts are an asset for ski resorts, lodges, and winter sports events. They facilitate the rapid provision of warming huts, ensuring hosts can confidently keep their guests safe in adverse weather. Our HGB Series™ fabric buildings can be customized with an array of features, including windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC for added convenience and comfort.

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Though not a ‘warming hut’ in the traditional sense of a compact structure designed to provide warmth during chilly slopeside days, the Double Arch Gable Building (DAGB) Series™ presents a powerful, expansive building solution suitable for crafting large gathering spaces (in customizable widths and to any length). It is the ideal choice for quickly creating spacious indoor facilities where guests, staff, and spectators can find shelter, warm up, prepare, unwind, and rejuvenate before returning to the slopes. The design features an open-span layout devoid of supporting columns. A multitude of options, including various colors, windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC systems, are available to configure the winter activity center or warming facility to meet your ski resort or event needs.

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Gallery of Warming Huts

Discover how ski resorts, lodges, and winter events employ warming huts from Alaska Structures® to furnish guests with a cozy, shielded retreat from freezing temperatures.

Popular Warming Hut Applications

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® make great warming huts and help enhance guests’ outdoor experiences. Our versatile and portable building solutions allow them to be used for all sorts of purposes. Here are some of the most popular applications:

  • Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing
  • Ski Racing, Cross Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, and Other Skiing Events
  • Heliskiing
  • Recreational Snowboarding or Professional Snowboarding Events
  • Winter Sports Events like the Winter X Games
  • Snow or Winter Marathons
  • Ski Resorts and Ski Lodges
  • Luxury Mountain Resorts or Slopeside Lodging
  • Outdoor Ice Skating
  • Ice Fishing
  • Sled Dog Racing (Mushing)
  • Recreational Snowmobiling or Snowmobile Racing
  • Winter Camps
  • Outdoor Work Sites
  • Outdoor Events and Winter Festivals

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