Door Options
for Fabric Buildings

Experience unparalleled access and protection by configuring your fabric building with a diverse range of door solutions from Alaska Structures®, designed to accommodate any entry requirement, whether it’s for personnel, equipment, or vehicles, ensuring smooth operation even in the harshest

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Configure your fabric building with doors

AlaskaStructures® is the world’s premier provider of engineered building systems. Our fabric buildings, renowned for their rapid installation capabilities, cater to temporary structure requirements and permanent building applications. Crafted with the highest-quality materials, our fabric structures offer enduring performance in the most severe environments. Echoing the customization options of traditional buildings, our fabric buildings boast a comprehensive array of door solutions, enabling convenient access while safeguarding your personnel, vehicles, and sensitive equipment against extreme conditions.

Available Door Solutions

Discover the versatility of our door options. Our engineered fabric buildings are easily configured with any of the following door solutions to meet your specific needs.


Our Heavy-Duty Double Zipper Entry offers a robust door solution crafted from the same high-quality fabric used in our building structures, ensuring lasting durability and streamlined access into and out of the structure. Ideal for temporary or expeditionary shelters, this entry system removes the need for repeated door attachment or detachment when relocating your shelter. The fabric door rolls up effortlessly, with sturdy alligator clips and straps to secure it, providing seamless entry and exit. An optional screen can be added for those looking to enjoy ventilation, allowing you to keep the fabric door open and enjoy fresh air while staying protected from mosquitos, black flies, and other pests.

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AKS Industries, Inc. manufactures the Alaska Personnel Door™ in the USA. These doors areprehung and presquared, featuring an outswing design that, along with the included bracing,facilitates rapid attachment to the door uprights of your structure. Locking hardware (with keys) andhandles are preinstalled for security and ease. Crafted for resilience, the doors boast damage-resistant exterior panels firmly bonded to energy-efficient foam insulation. A welded, powder-coatedaluminum frame enhances the door’s integrity, complete with weatherstripping on all four sides.Setting itself apart from conventional doors, the Alaska Personnel Door™ is equipped with a full-length hinge, ensuring unmatched performance and robust durability. The door can be customized toinclude a small square window, complete with an interior privacy curtain for added functionality.

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Special order doors are available in various materials, including wood, fiberglass, and metal, in singleand double-door formats. Choose from outswing or inswing doors in left-or right-hand configurations.Special order doors can come with pre-drilled holes for doorknobs and locksets, or we can providethe convenience of preinstalled locking hardware. For those seeking modern aesthetics andfunctionality, our glass sliding doors come in 2-pane, 3-pane, and 4-pane configurations and areoffered in durable aluminum, sleek vinyl, or classic wood finishes. Each door option is prehung toensure a seamless installation with the included bracing, allowing for quick attachment to yourbuilding’s framework. Special order doors require additional lead time, and availability may vary.


Our storm door is an excellent addition for those seeking an extra protection layer or specialized applications such as WeatherPort® greenhouses or swimming pool enclosures. A 3/4 lite design allows for natural light. A retractable insect screen is included to facilitate airflow, eliminating the hassle of glass removal and storage. The door comes pre-hung and with bracing for easily attaching to the structure’s uprights. The lower panel is equipped with a built-in vent to enhance air circulation.A heavy-duty pneumatic closer features a convenient holding pin, allowing the door to be kept open as needed.

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Our commercial doors with panic hardware are engineered to deliver unparalleled security and enduring resilience, even in the most demanding environments. The door and the frame are made of galvanized steel and powder-coated for long-term durability and corrosion resistance. The included mounting hardware ensures a straightforward attachment to the structural uprights, seamlessly integrating your building. A secure lever with a lockset and three heavy-duty hinges on the exterior offer robust security and smooth operation. For safety and compliance, the interior features a panic bar that ensures a swift and safe emergency exit. Tailored to your specific door requirements, our commercial doors are customizable for left-or right-hand out swing configurations.


Our Bump Thru Doors are ideal for high-traffic areas requiring hands-free, effortless access. Ideally suited for environments where gurneys, carts, or various equipment are frequently moved, these bi-parting doors facilitate smooth and efficient operation.They are a staple in medical facilities, used by BLU-MED Response Systems® (the medical division of AKS Industries, Inc.), and are equally beneficial in food processing plants and manufacturing facilities. Each door is constructed from sturdyPVC with internal closed-cell foam insulation, ensuring longevity and energy efficiency. The doors feature a fully replaceable perimeter seal to maintain a secure, energy-saving closure. Designed for convenience, our Bump Thru Doors have small windows and a hinge system that allows them to swing open with minimal force, significantly improving traffic flow and operational productivity. They are engineered to swing in both directions, providing ample clearance to pass large items or equipment.

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Our Vertical Lift Fabric Doors are engineered for versatility and strength, leveraging the same high-grade fabric used in our building systems. These doors are a swift and efficient solution for adding utility access to any structure. With options for a manual crank and pulley system or an electric motor for automated operation, our doors adapt to your specific operational needs. The door panels are reinforced with heavy-duty pockets that house galvanized cross pipes, ensuring stability and smooth operation within an open channel guide system. These vertical lift doors are not just for entry and exit; they can be insulated, making them suitable as exterior utility doors for large equipment and vehicle movement, or they can function internally in tandem with our soft-wall partition systems to delineate spaces within your facility. Available in a variety of standard dimensions, our vertical lift fabric door scan also be tailor-made to your unique specifications, offering a custom fit for any application.


Providing the same convenience and functionality as those found in residential or workshop settings, our fabric buildings can be configured with a variety of garage doors.With a wide range of sizes, styles, materials, and colors to choose from, these doors can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the appearance and utility of your structure. Garage doors can be manually operated or utilize a motorized system to quickly access and move machinery, vehicles, and equipment in and out of the shelter

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Metal Roll-up Doors are the quintessential choice for industrial applications, perfectly pairing with the robust construction of our engineered fabric buildings. These doors are designed to deliver enduring value and are available in various sizes, making them ideal for larger-scale operations looking to boost efficiency. Their superior strength stands up to the challenge of high wind loads, making them suitable for use in demanding environments, including remote locations where our structures often serve. Metal roll-up doors enhance security, creating a fortified barrier against unauthorized access.They contribute to a quieter work environment when closed by significantly reducing external noise intrusion.

Are you seeking a unique door solution for your fabric building not listed above? Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities!

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