Military Shelter Systems

The Most Popular Military Shelter Systems

Alaska Structures® is comprised of three divisions:

  1. Commercial Division - fabric buildings and camp systems for non-military applications.
  2. Military Division - military shelter systems and turnkey base camps for military operations.
  3. BLU-MED Response Systems - emergency shelters, mobile command centers, and mobile field hospitals for disaster response and emergency preparedness.

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading manufacturer of military shelter systems, military camps, and turnkey base camps for U.S. Armed Forces, Coalition Forces, and international militaries and governments. Since 1999, more than 35,000 military shelter systems and over 19,000 Alaska ECUs (Environmental Control Units) have been deployed in over 85 countries. If you have a military requirement or want to learn more about our military shelter systems and turnkey base camp solutions, please visit the Alaska Structures Military Division website by clicking the button below:

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