Fabric buildings are an excellent solution for quickly creating or expanding manufacturing facilities.

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Industrial Fabric Structures For Manufacturing

Manufacturers must be able to scale production quickly to keep up with demand. This means efficiently and affordably creating more space to produce, assemble and store products. Fortunately, industrial fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® offer time- and cost-saving advantages. With our structures, your team can construct manufacturing facilities in a fraction of the time compared to other prefabricated building solutions, metal buildings, precast or tilt-up construction and traditional construction methods.

Additionally, we design our industrial fabric structures to be highly portable. They feature low-cube packaging, so manufacturers can disassemble and store our buildings when they need to scale down production or relocate. Our industrial fabric buildings’ open-span design maximizes interior space for manufacturing equipment and products and offers optimal storage capacity — without the need for support columns.

Comfort, Convenience and Safety

Working conditions are a key concern for manufacturers. Our optional HVAC and insulation packages provide a comfortable work environment and temperature-controlled warehouses for storing sensitive materials. As a result, you enjoy better energy efficiency, even in extreme climates.

Additionally, we engineer our industrial fabric structures to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires.

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Quickly Create Manufacturing Facilities Using Fabric Buildings

We work closely with production directors, operations supervisors, manufacturing managers and plant managers to quickly expand or create manufacturing facilities. Alaska Structures also offers a large selection of building models, sizes and options, including large equipment doors, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, insulation systems and HVAC systems. We provide industrial and manufacturing facilities capable of meeting clients’ specific requirements.

We can configure our engineered fabric buildings to meet any industrial or manufacturing operation’s needs. Here are a few examples:

Additional Manufacturing Space: Quickly ramp up production with additional manufacturing space. Our HGB Series™ or DAGB Series™ fabric buildings are available in many sizes. With Alaska Structures, you can build a manufacturing facility that provides the production space you need. Learn more.

Permanent or Temporary Warehouses and Storage Buildings: Use engineered fabric buildings to create on-site warehousing and storage facilities. Create temperature-controlled warehouses using our insulation and HVAC systems. Our building systems’ modular design allows clients to use them as temporary warehouses or permanent installations. Learn more.

On-Site Facilities for Storing, Maintaining and Repairing Vehicles and Equipment: We can equip our engineered fabric buildings with vehicle exhaust systems. With these systems, clients in remote locations can safely maintain and repair vehicles and equipment. Learn more.

A DAGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures is a maintenance facility with side bay entries for drive-through capability.

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The Advantages of Engineered Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures

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