WeatherPort® Retail Greenhouses

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WeatherPort® retail greenhouses are engineered to support seasonal or year-round operations. Market farmers, big box retail chains, family-owned markets, hardware stores, and nurseries around the world use our retail greenhouses.

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WeatherPort® Retail Greenhouses

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses quickly transform any outdoor retail space into an environment for nurturing and selling a variety of plants, vegetables, and flowers. Unlike typical greenhouse kits, a WeatherPort® retail greenhouse uses a robust fabric membrane over a high-strength, galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum frame. Our retail greenhouses are fast to assemble and disassemble, offering retailers a higher degree of portability for providing additional or expanded retail space as needed. Our retail greenhouses are available in many sizes and cater to various applications, including seasonal retail greenhouses or permanent retail greenhouses. Be the first nursery in your area to sell fresh and vibrant Spring starts, or grow your business by selling plants, gardening supplies, and outdoor goods throughout the year.

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses are proudly made in the USA using the highest quality materials and designed with safety in mind, ensuring protection for guests, plants, and equipment in the event of sudden wind gusts, unexpected storms, or heavy snowfalls. Unlike other prefabricated buildings, WeatherPort® greenhouse structures are engineered to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by the local or International Building Code (IBC) for unmatched reliability. Safely anchor your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse to virtually any level surface, including asphalt or concrete parking lots. Additionally, our retail greenhouses can be configured with a large selection of window and door options, heavy-duty metal shelving, hanging bars for plants, as well as lighting, electrical, and ventilation systems to create the perfect greenhouse and outdoor retail space.

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A 20’ x 50’ WeatherPort® retail greenhouse provides a protected outdoor space for displaying plants at a hardware store.
A 20’ x 50’ WeatherPort® retail greenhouse provides a protected outdoor space for displaying plants at a hardware store. Our unique greenhouse membranes are specifically designed for light diffusion, creating an optimal setting for cultivating and maintaining vibrant, sale-ready plants.

Popular Sizes and Models for Retail Greenhouses

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses are configured to align with your business’s outdoor retail and greenhouse needs. Our selection of greenhouse systems encompasses many models and sizes.

Explore our most popular retail greenhouse models below!

The gable building design of our GB Series™ offers amazing value for businesses in the market for small to mid-size retail greenhouses. The GB Series™ is a great retail greenhouse system for small spaces, available in widths from 8′ to 20′, with standard sidewall heights of 5′, and configurable to any length. The straight-wall design allows for maximum use of interior space. Equip your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse with any assortment of doors, windows, metal shelving, plant hanging bars, ventilation packages, lighting, and electrical systems!

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Our HGB Series™ greenhouses are incredibly versatile and durable retail greenhouse structure that is easy to set up, take down, and move from location to location. With widths from 15’ to 30’ and configurable sidewall height and length, the HGB Series™ can serve the role of many functions, including greenhouse space for growing, display areas, cashier or front-of-house and point-of-sales areas complete with tiered metal shelves and hanging bars. The HGB Series™ is an excellent solution for businesses seeking a medium-sized retail greenhouse system.

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The DAGB Series™ of retail greenhouses employs a double-arch gable design to create an open-span interior from 30’ to 120’ wide. Sidewall height and length are configured to meet the needs of your business. The DAGB Series™ is a fantastic solution for quickly creating or expanding greenhouse and growing areas, as well as outdoor retail spaces, large retail displays, arrangements of plants, gardening tools, equipment, and supplies. Our DAGB Series™ greenhouses are superior to large glass or polycarbonate greenhouses.

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Retail Greenhouse Options

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses can be configured with a myriad of choices, including windows and doors, sturdy multi-tiered metal shelving for versatile plant storage and display, hanging bars for flowering pots, and integrated lighting, electrical, and ventilation systems. Collaborating with nursery and business owners globally, we specialize in crafting unique greenhouse solutions tailored to your cultivation and retail requirements. Below are popular options for our WeatherPort® retail greenhouses.

Greenhouse Door Options

Alaska Structures® provides a variety of door systems for our WeatherPort® retail greenhouses. The availability of these door options may vary based on the size of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Screen Doors

Discover the convenience and practicality of screen doors for your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse, constructed with integrated screens for improved ventilation. These user-friendly doors are equipped with secure latches and can be configured with sliding glass, plexiglass panes, or fixed screens to create an optimal growing environment for your plants on display. Our greenhouse screen doors are available in sizes 30” wide x 72” or 80” high.

Greenhouse Personnel Door

Consider the exceptional durability of hard personnel doors for your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse. Manufactured using a military-tested design, our personnel doors offer unmatched longevity. These doors can also be customized with a compact square window, perfectly blending sturdiness with visibility for a comprehensive greenhouse solution. We also offer double doors fitted with panic hardware in our retail greenhouse designs for easy access and exit.

Heavy-Duty, Roll-Up Zipper Door

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses can be equipped with a heavy-duty, roll-up zipper door for ease of use. This fabric door can be easily opened or closed based on your operational needs or to establish a welcoming entrance for your retail greenhouse. Strong alligator clips ensure the fabric entry door stays secure when rolled up, enabling the seamless transfer of large plants or equipment into and out of the greenhouse.

Fabric Equipment Door

Designed for large WeatherPort® retail greenhouses, our fabric equipment doors feature a track and pulley system that guarantees ease of installation and use. As the door is raised, the fabric panels conveniently fold. Depending on your specific requirements, we offer manually chain-operated and motorized models.

Standard Garage Door

For our bigger WeatherPort® retail greenhouse structures, we offer an optional garage door. These garage doors are similar to those found in conventional homes and are available in various sizes, and can be equipped with garage door openers for effortless operation.

Retail Greenhouse Window Options

Alaska Structures® provides a wide range of window options for our WeatherPort® retail greenhouses. Dependent on your greenhouse structure’s size, options include half-circle screened vents (with zipper fabric covers), transparent plastic windows, vinyl-clad glass sliding windows, and roll-up strip vents outfitted with fabric covers.

Half-Circle Screen Vents

With their fine mesh, half-circle screen vents serve as an outstanding feature for WeatherPort® retail greenhouses, expertly designed to keep insects at bay while allowing hot air to dissipate. These versatile vents come with a zippered fabric cover that can be fully or partially opened for airflow control and configured either horizontally or vertically to align with your greenhouse design and requirements.

Clear Plastic Windows

Clear plastic windows are a great enhancement to your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse. Made of clear plastic vinyl, they deliver improved visibility from within the greenhouse while ensuring both guests and your plants are safeguarded from weather conditions. (Photo shown is a WeatherPort® pool enclosure)

Vinyl-Clad Sliding Windows

Vinyl-clad glass sliding windows are optimal for your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse, providing superior visibility and interaction with the surrounding environment while ensuring excellent protection from adverse weather conditions. Merging functionality with visual appeal, these windows will enrich the greenhouse experience for your guests.

Roll-Up Strip Vents with Fabric Covers

Roll-up strip vents featuring fabric covers are a valuable feature of WeatherPort® retail greenhouses, strategically positioned on the sides for maximum ventilation. These manually operated vents, fastened securely with d-rings, encourage superior cross-airflow, improving conditions for plant growth and maintaining optimal ventilation within your greenhouse.

Heavy-Duty Metal Shelving for Greenhouses

WeatherPort® retail greenhouses can be configured with a selection of heavy-duty metal shelving, including the option for tiered metal shelves that enable storing and displaying a larger amount of retail plants. The availability of these shelving options might vary based on the size of your greenhouse structure. Our sturdy metal shelves are crafted from steel and are securely anchored to the vertical frame of the WeatherPort® greenhouse. Each metal shelf can support up to 75 lbs., and come in widths of 20″, 24″, or 32″.

Greenhouse Plant Hanging Rod Options

Need to hang flowering pots in your greenhouse? WeatherPort® greenhouses can be configured with plant hanging rods. Depending on the dimensions of your greenhouse structure, we offer 24″ or 30″ rods positioned near the greenhouse peak to cater to your plant hanging requirements. These rods securely attach to the greenhouse frame system and can support up to 75 lbs. each, allowing you to utilize your overhead growing or display space safely.

Additional Greenhouse Options

Beyond diverse structural and aesthetic selections, our WeatherPort® greenhouses can be outfitted with state-of-the-art options to augment your growing environment and outdoor retail area. We offer exhaust fans with temperature and humidity control and are equipped with louvered vents, which assist in sustaining an optimal habitat for plant well-being. We also provide plug-and-play LED lighting and electrical systems designed for effortless installation, potentially negating the need for an electrician (subject to your local or state regulations).

Accent Color Options for Retail Greenhouses

Add a touch of flair to your WeatherPort® retail greenhouse by opting for an accent color that mirrors your aesthetic. We offer many accent colors so you can coordinate with your business’s color scheme, enhance your landscape design, or create an eye-catching outdoor retail area and greenhouse based on your preference.

Our standard color offerings include:

  • Black, White, Brown, Gray
  • Green, Olive, Light Blue, Blue
  • Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan

For those desiring to make a more striking impression, consider our specialty colors – pink, purple, burgundy, or bright green. Please be advised that these specialty colors may be subject to limited availability and potentially longer production times.

Powder-Coated Greenhouse Frames

We offer an in-house powder coating service at Alaska Structures®, which serves to aesthetically upgrade the natural metal finish of our WeatherPort® greenhouse frames. This powder coating, available in a wide range of colors, not only improves the visual aspect but also provides an extra shield against oxidation, rust, chemical damage, and the corrosive effects of salt air. This makes it a perfect choice for greenhouses located in coastal areas or humid environments.

Logos for Retail Greenhouses

Your retail greenhouse doesn’t have to be solely practical with WeatherPort®; it can be a vibrant representation of your unique brand. With our specialized in-house printing service, you can customize our tensioned fabric membranes with any imagery – your business logo, nursery name, or types of plants. Stand out from the crowd and make your retail greenhouse a visual conversation starter!

To further explore our custom printing services, please visit our logo printing page by clicking the button below. Or call us at +1-907-344-1565 to request a quote for a WeatherPort® retail greenhouse today!

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Gallery of WeatherPort® Retail Greenhouses

See how others use WeatherPort® retail greenhouses to create seasonal or year-round growing spaces!

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WeatherPort® retail greenhouses offer many advantages and possibilities to nurseries and businesses looking to create the perfect environment for an outdoor retail area that can serve year-round or seasonal plant sales. From a variety of customizable colors and diverse door and window selections to flexible shelving and plant hanging solutions and even tailored printing options, we’re committed to delivering a greenhouse that aligns with your specific business needs. Contact Alaska Structures® today using our contact form, and let us assist you in selecting the ideal WeatherPort® greenhouse for your horticultural journey!

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