Reusable Shipping Containers

Alaska Structures® is your one-stop shop for reusable shipping container solutions. We design these containers to fit your building requirements and short- or long-term project needs.

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Shipping Made Easy with Reusable Shipping Containers

Fabric buildings and quick-erect shelter systems from Alaska Structures have many choices regarding transportation and storage options. AKS Industries™ (the Alaska Structures parent corporation) manufactures a series of reusable shipping containers. These containers allow our clients to quickly and easily transport our fabric building solutions to any global location.

Alaska Structures offers the following container solutions:

  • Rotomolded containers
  • Aluminum containers
  • Wood crates

Rotomolded Containers

Rotational molding (aka “roto casting”) is a manufacturing process that involves slowly rotating molds filled with a heated material to form large plastic items and parts.

AKS Industries owns and operates rotomolded machines for producing top-quality, heavy-duty reusable containers. Using a proprietary blend of materials, our rotomolded containers feature forklift pockets and provide a watertight, weather-resistant, impact-resistant and stackable storage solution capable of holding up to 1,800 pounds!

Alaska Structures produces rotomolded containers in three sizes. Our most popular reusable container is the Alaska Large Rotomolded Container.

Alaska Large Rotomolded Container

102” long x 40” wide x 49.5” high with a removable lid. Clients can stack four Alaska Large Rotomolded Containers to fit on a 463L pallet for shipment to any global location.

Alaska Medium Rotomolded Container

92” long x 58” wide x 34” high with removable lid. We design the Alaska Medium Rotomolded Container to fit into ISO containers.

Rotomolded containers from Alaska Structures are available in these color options:

Aluminum Cargo Containers

We construct our aluminum cargo container from aircraft-grade aluminum and powder-coat it. The aluminum cargo container is 104″ wide x 84″ long x 47″ high. It includes two fold-down sides and a removable lid. For easy maneuvering, the aluminum container has forklift pockets on two sides.

Wood Shipping Crates

Although rotomolded and aluminum containers are our most common shipping containers, we also make wood shipping crates to transport our fabric buildings. AKS Industries™ (the Alaska Structures parent corporation) manufactures more than 5,000 wood shipping crates annually!

Our wood shipping crates are an economical alternative for delivering your prefabricated building system to your jobsite or remote camp system.

Reusable Shipping Containers for Fabric Buildings

Clients use container systems from Alaska Structures to transport fabric buildings to remote locations, and these systems support commercial operations worldwide. Our rotomolded and aluminum containers are a reusable shipping option for companies needing to quickly relocate a single quick-erect shelter or an entire mining camp.

Reusable shipping containers are a premium solution for storing and transporting portable buildings from Alaska Structures. Moreover, the following industries use our shipping containers:

Furthermore, clients use reusable shipping containers from Alaska Structures to store and transport our fabric buildings’ support systems (insulation systems, modular flooring systems, lighting/electrical and furniture packages).

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