HGB Series™

Heavy-Duty Gable Buildings
for Any Project

Unparalleled durability and portability make the HGB Series of gable buildings the ideal solution for temporary shelters or permanent fabric structures in extreme and remote locations.

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HGB Series™ - Heavy-Duty Gable Buildings

The HGB Series™ of heavy-duty gable buildings from Alaska Structures® includes a more rugged version of our gable buildings. We design these buildings specifically for locations with extreme weather conditions anywhere in the world. Additionally, their portability and durability are unmatched. We also engineer HGB Series fabric buildings to meet specific wind and snow loads, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires.

Whether clients use them in the blistering heat or bone-chilling cold, our tensioned fabric membranes and high-strength metal frame systems stand the test. In fact, thousands of clients in more than 85 countries have field-tested and proven this series is indeed tough. The HGB Series is also a versatile fabric building that clients can use to quickly create any-purpose on-site facilities and remote camp systems.

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HGB Series - Workforce Housing
An HGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures used for on-site workforce housing.

Heavy-Duty Fabric Structures for Remote Projects

At Alaska Structures, we take pride in creating the most versatile and heavy-duty fabric structures on the market. Our HGB Series buildings uniquely suit commercial, industrial and government applications, including the following:

Heavy-Duty Gable Building Specifications

The HGB Series building system is available in 15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’ and 30’ widths and lengths in 5’ increments. With this selection of heavy-duty gable building sizes, you can quickly create or expand on-site facilities that match the growth of your business, organization or agency.

Product options include insulation packages, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, HVAC systems and window and door systems. You can also choose vector-proof flooring options that further seal off the interior of your HGB Series fabric building. Because of their easy installation and extreme portability, HGB Series fabric buildings are ideal alternatives to other prefabricated building systems, wood-built structures, metal and steel buildings and brick-and-mortar buildings.

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