for Fabric Buildings

Heaters for fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are proudly made in the U.S. They protect work crews and mission-critical equipment from life-threatening temperatures.

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The Alaska ECU®

Also known as an “Environmental Control Unit,” the Alaska ECU® is a military-grade HVAC system designed to provide an unmatched level of durability against extreme temperatures (hot and cold), high humidity and dusty environments. Manufactured by AKS Industries™, the Alaska ECU is available in 2.5-ton, 5-ton and 10-ton capacities. The Alaska ECU is the premier choice for creating a temperature-controlled fabric building in remote locations. Learn more about the Alaska ECU.

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The Alaska Heater™

For remote operations in cold climates, we can equip our fabric buildings with a portable heater capable of providing 15-kW (U.S./60 Hz) and 16-kW (European/50 Hz) heat capacities. Manufactured by AKS Industries™, the powder-coated aluminum cabinet is lightweight, comes in multiple colors, features carry handles, has forklift pockets and can be stacked three-high for transport. It attaches easily to and complements any fabric shelter or fabric building system from Alaska Structures.

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Portable Diesel Stove

For applications requiring an oil stove for heating, Alaska Structures provides a portable diesel stove for safe operation inside our fabric buildings and fabric shelter systems. Featuring a heat output of up to 32,500 BTU, the portable diesel stove includes a 9” x 11.5” cooking surface and a stand with adjustable legs. A flexible aluminum pipe, stovepipe flange and vent assembly safely move exhaust outside the shelter. Additional safety features include the following:

  • Carbon dioxide detector
  • Auto-close tip-over shutoff valve
  • High-pressure shutoff valve

The portable diesel stove comes with a fuel drum stand and hose.

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Fuel-Fired Heaters

Initially designed for military use in cold climates, fuel-fired heaters from AKS Industries™ can operate with these fuel types:

  • Diesel #1
  • Diesel #2
  • JP-8
  • Jet A
  • Kerosene

Fuel-fired heaters easily connect to any fabric building from Alaska Structures. They are available in four models, based on these heat output capacities:

  1. Alaska Fuel-Fired Heater 30K: 30,000 BTU heat output
  2. Alaska Fuel-Fired Heater 66K: 66,000 BTU heat output
  3. Alaska Fuel-Fired Heater 90K: 90,000 BTU heat output
  4. Alaska Fuel-Fired Heater 118K: 118,000 BTU heat output

Designed for safety, the heated air never contacts the flame directly.

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A built-in thermostat provides temperature control. Insulated ducts are available in lengths between 3.5′ and 10′. An optional external fuel pickup with a 55-gallon drum is available.

Alaska Fuel-Fired Heaters can be configured with U.S.-version components (60 Hz) or EU-version components (50 Hz).

Potential Use and Industries

When creating a temperature-controlled fabric building from Alaska Structures, you can choose from a selection of rugged, portable HVAC systems from AKS Industries™. This seamless integration allows companies and organizations to use our modular building systems for arctic exploration and research, remote camp systems for mining and mineral exploration, and construction and transportation projects in hot, humid and cold climates.

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