Alaska Solar Fly®

Originally designed to reduce the solar load and energy required to cool our military shelters in extreme hot and tropical climates, the energy-saving benefits of the Alaska Solar Fly are now available for commercial applications.

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The Highest-Quality Solar Shade for Fabric Structures

The Alaska Solar Fly uses a proprietary solar shade material to reduce the solar load and increase our fabric building systems’ energy efficiency and life span in hot climates. Available as a retrofit kit for any new or existing fabric building from Alaska Structures, the Alaska Solar Fly is a cost-effective solution for lowering interior temperatures, protecting sensitive equipment and making personnel comfortable.

Alongside the Alaska ECU®, the Alaska Solar Fly drastically reduces HVAC power consumption for cooling by up to 17%.

The Alaska Solar Fly is available in two colors (tan and green) with a matte finish that reduces reflected sunlight’s brightness and intensity. Made of lightweight material, the Alaska Solar Fly is easy to pack for storage and transportation. Additionally, the Alaska Solar Fly takes less than 15 minutes to install on a 20-foot wide by 32.5-foot long SQ Series™ fabric shelter from Alaska Structures.

We proudly make the Alaska Solar Fly in the U.S. Moreover, we engineer it to be flame- and moisture-resistant and to withstand prolonged sun exposure.

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