Transform any fabric building from Alaska Structures® with many end panel options. Our end panels are designed to partially or fully enclose your fabric building to meet the unique demands of your application and specific requirements.

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Transform your open-ended fabric structure into a versatile, semi- or fully enclosed space with a diverse range of end panel options from Alaska Structures®. Tailored to suit various sizes, models, and specific requirements, our end panels are the perfect way to enhance functionality and aesthetics. For outdoor events, choose from partial end panels or single or double-arched openings designed to complement the arched sides of our WeatherPort Jubilee Series™ structures.

Are you looking for a fully enclosed fabric structure? Our solid-end panels can be equipped with options like zipper entries, vertical lift fabric doors, garage doors, and metal roll-up doors, offering a comprehensive building solution. Our solid end panels can also be configured with various windows and personnel doors for safe and convenient access.

Our end panels are functional and available in a spectrum of fabric colors to seamlessly blend with the main color of your fabric building cover or stand out in complementing or contrasting hues. Elevate your brand or venue’s visibility with our custom-printing service, allowing logos and designs to be prominently displayed for brand recognition, promotions, or easy on-site building identification. Discover the perfect end panel option from Alaska Structures® to complete your fabric building.

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Fabric buildings without end panels offer an open-ended design ideal for easy access of large machinery and equipment. While providing shelter from rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful rays, they are primarily suited for temperate environments and require strategic orientation against prevailing winds to minimize wind tunnel effects. This design ensures protection for workers, vehicles, and equipment but is less effective for temperature control and may require additional considerations in colder climates where wind chill is a factor.

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Fabric buildings with partial end panels are an excellent choice for our Jubilee Series™ outdoor event structures, offering a polished appearance and functional benefits. The design includes a spacious peak area perfect for featuring printed logos, while the large arched opening mirrors the building’s arch, maintaining visibility and openness. These panels enhance the aesthetic and functional value of spaces by providing a sense of enclosure without sacrificing views, ideal for spectators and event performers. Available for fabric buildings of widths 15′, 16′, 20′, 21′, 26′, and 30′, these partial end panels blend elegance with practicality for any event.

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Our passage end panels are an elegant addition to the Jubilee Series™ of outdoor event structures, designed to complement the series’ aesthetics while enhancing functionality. Featuring two large arched openings, these panels are available for 20′, 21′, 26′, and 30′ wide fabric buildings. Passage end panels are supported by a single upright and offer a consistent look by mirroring the building’s arches, creating an all-around cohesive and inviting structure. They are perfect for venues seeking a durable yet stylish outdoor setting for hosting memorable events, ensuring easy access and an open feel while maintaining a distinct, sophisticated appearance.

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The end panel for a single side curtain is a versatile option tailored for our Jubilee Series™ of outdoor event structures, designed to accommodate the addition of a side curtain for expanded functionality and customization. It features a braced arched opening that supports various side curtain designs. This option is suitable for 15′, 16′, 20′, 21′, 26′, and 30′ wide structures, providing an elegant finish with fabric that extends to the ground on either side of the arched opening. Please note that the side curtain is a separate accessory, allowing personalized selection to meet specific event needs.

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The end panel for two side curtains is an innovative solution for our Jubilee Series™ outdoor event structures, offering enhanced aesthetics and functionality. This braced end panel features two side-by-side arched openings, each 10′ wide by 7′ high, designed to accommodate a variety of side curtains. The dual arches create a symmetrical and visually striking appearance, perfect for upscale events. Available side curtains can be coordinated to match those on the sides of the structure or selected with zipper entries for convenient guest access. This option is designed to offer flexibility and elegance, allowing for a customizable setup catering to various event needs. Please note that side curtains are sold separately, enabling you to choose the perfect style and functionality for your event.

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Our solid end panel option is the quintessential choice for fully enclosing any fabric building from Alaska Structures®. Offering versatility across a wide range of applications, the solid end panel is compatible with our extensive array of fabric buildings that come in a variety of widths. These solid end panels are the ideal solution for the end walls of large warehouses, vehicle maintenance facilities, dining areas, job site offices, or core storage units. Depending on your specific building model, size, and design requirements, these solid end panels can be configured with various utility door options, including zipper entries, vertical lift fabric doors, garage doors, and metal roll-up doors, as well as features like louver vents, personnel doors, and windows. For enhanced comfort and energy efficiency, we also offer solid end panels with insulation, helpful for creating a temperature-controlled environment suitable for many climates and uses.

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Enhance your fabric building with our array of window options, designed to bring natural light and ventilation while maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic of your space. Our windows come in various sizes, shapes, and functionalities to suit any need – for additional light, airflow, or to enjoy the view. Each window is crafted with durable materials, ensuring longevity and performance. Click the button below to explore the full range of available window options and discover how to illuminate and improve your fabric building today.

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Discover the perfect door solution for your fabric building with our extensive selection, designed to suit various needs and applications. From secure personnel doors to large utility entrances, our doors are made to enhance access and functionality for commercial buildings, industrial applications, and more. Whether you need a simple entryway or a robust door for heavy-duty use, our options provide durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. Click the button below to learn more and view the available door options to meet your specific accessibility and operational needs.

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Elevate the functionality and style of your fabric building with our diverse range of end panel options, all engineered and manufactured in the United States to meet the highest quality and performance standards. Whether you’re looking to enclose a large fabric building, enhance an outdoor event structure, or create a temperature-controlled warehouse, our team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect end panel to meet your specific needs.

For a quote or to learn more about how our end panels can complete your fabric building, please contact us using the online contact form below or call us at +1-907-344-1565.

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