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Quickly establish on-site offices, workforce housing or turnkey camp systems in remote locations with the GB Series of portable shelters.

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GB Series™ — Gable Fabric Buildings Redefined

Speed and durability do go hand in hand. Clients can set up the GB Series™ of gable building systems from Alaska Structures® with few to no tools in as little as 15 minutes. Plus, we engineer these straight-wall buildings to withstand prolonged use in extreme environments with high winds and heavy snow loads. As a result, they offer unmatched protection against harsh weather conditions.

Our gable buildings are ideal for quickly creating temporary housing or permanent workforce accommodations in remote locations. Depending on size, GB Series buildings are configurable for any purpose, including single-person or two-person sleeper shelters. Our gable buildings are popular with prospectors and field operations needing high-quality remote camps because of their vertical sidewall design, which allows workers to maximize interior living space.

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Fabric building in snowy, Northern Canadian mineral exploration camp.
GB Series fabric buildings are used for mineral exploration project in Northern Canada.

Gable Shelters for Any Remote Project

GB Series gable shelters are the best solution for any remote project that must quickly establish a portable exploration camp. Alternatively, clients use our gable shelters for large construction and mining projects to create permanent workforce housing and camp systems. Our portable, rugged and easy-to-install GB Series gable buildings are ideal for the following:

Gable Building Specifications

Whether you run a mining operation in the arctic climate of Northern Canada or explore for oil and gas in the deserts of the Middle East, we make gable buildings to meet your project’s needs.

GB Series gable buildings are available in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’ and 20’ widths and in any length. We can easily equip them with window and door packages, insulation, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, HVAC systems, soft-wall partition systems and multiple flooring systems. For extreme hot and cold climates, we offer an insulated, vector-proof floor system for better interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Alaska Structures engineers all GB Series fabric buildings to meet location-specific wind and snow loads for safety and durability.

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