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Engineered fabric structures and modular buildings help keep your construction projects on schedule and within budget.

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Engineered Fabric Buildings for Construction Projects

Your construction crew has important work to do, but certain facilities need to be in place before starting the job — especially in remote areas. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® allow construction crews to quickly erect modular workforce housing, jobsite offices, on-site storage facilities, workshops and turnkey man camps for construction projects.

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer construction companies and engineering, procurement and construction firms many time- and cost-saving benefits. Low-cube packaging provides a higher degree of portability compared to shipping traditional construction materials or other prefabricated buildings, including precast concrete structures and steel buildings.

Fast, Easy Installation

Once we deliver an engineered fabric building to a jobsite, clients can securely anchor it to any level surface. Furthermore, they can assemble it in a fraction of the time it would take to erect a metal building.

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures feature modular designs. This design lets clients install and leave them in place for decades of use or quickly take down and relocate them.

Stay focused on completing your construction project with our engineered fabric buildings. Unlike metal buildings or conventional construction, which require frequent or ongoing upkeep, our modular buildings are virtually maintenance-free.

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Fabric Structures for Any Construction Project

Alaska Structures has decades of experience working closely with construction site planners and EPCM firms. We make sure to provide fabric buildings that meet their unique building needs and site-specific requirements for safety and durability.

Our engineered fabric buildings are available in many models, sizes and options, so clients can select a building model that works best for their project. Clients use fabric buildings from Alaska Structures for the following:

On-Site Maintenance Facilities: Conveniently store and maintain all your construction vehicles on-site with our vehicle storage buildings. We also offer optional vehicle exhaust systems so you can safely operate and test vehicles in an enclosed fabric structure.

Explore Our Storage Solutions.

All-Weather Workshops and Fabrication Facilities Engineered for Durability: Create a safe and comfortable workshop or workspace to protect staff from the elements with a weatherproof fabric building.

Explore Our Workshop Designs.

Relocatable Storage Buildings: Quickly create on-site warehousing and storage buildings using engineered fabric buildings. Protect construction equipment, supplies and parts, and quickly relocate the facility when the project is complete.

Explore Our Warehousing Solutions.

Hotel-Like Workforce Housing: Choose among various housing options, including rapidly deployable shelters and hotel-like accommodations, to find the perfect fit for your construction project.

Explore Our Workforce Solutions.

Dining Facilities for Operations of All Sizes: Our HGB Series™ is outstanding for creating on-site kitchen and dining facilities for small construction crews. The DAGB Series™ includes large fabric buildings capable of serving hundreds or thousands of workers several times per day.

Explore Our Dining Facilities.

Heavy-Duty Lunch Tents: Alaska Structures® provides the most durable, portable lunch tents and break-area structures engineered for any climate. Our heavy-duty lunch tents offer workers comfortable dining and relaxation spaces, ensuring productivity and safety with quick installation for both permanent and temporary needs.

Explore Our Break-Area Options.

The Ultimate Defense Against the Elements: If your construction project is in a remote location, you must be prepared for the worst. We can engineer our survival and emergency shelters to provide instant structures when life-threatening weather appears.

Explore Our Emergency Solutions.

Life-Saving Medical Facilities for Remote Locations: It’s essential — and often mandatory — for remote construction camps far from hospitals to have on-site medical clinics. Medical clinics from Alaska Structures provide safe and clean spaces to triage and treat injured personnel.

Explore Our Medical Facilities.

DAGB Series™ fabric buildings on containers. Featured is an expandable fabric building (right) on a rail system, allowing workers to extend the building and cover space when working on large pieces of equipment.

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