Remote mineral exploration projects require rapidly deployable fabric structures and portable camp systems that protect workers and equipment from extreme weather conditions.

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Portable Shelters and Camps for Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration crews and geologists must quickly establish living facilities in areas with no infrastructure. Having the right kind of equipment can be a life-or-death matter, especially in regions with life-threatening conditions.

Alaska Structures® provides portable shelters and camps for mineral exploration activities. Without sacrificing safety, we engineer rapidly deployable, portable shelter systems that clients can set up in 10 minutes. This makes them perfect for short-term mineral exploration projects. Additionally, low-cube packaging allows mineral exploration companies to easily transport or relocate shelters or camp systems to remote locations.

Compared to other prefabricated building systems or jobsite trailers, our mineral exploration shelters offer many time-saving benefits: 

  • The ability to safely anchor to virtually any level surface
  • Few necessary installation tools
  • The ability for unskilled crews to set up
  • Plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems

We understand the urgency of establishing on-site living facilities so workers and scientists can get to work sooner.

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Not Your Old Canvas Prospector Tent

Thousands of customers in 85-plus countries have tested and proven the durability of our engineered fabric structures and portable man camps.

Unique, Durable Engineering

The days of canvas prospector tents are gone. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures use proprietary and long-lasting tensioned fabric membranes and high-strength metal frames. Our unrivaled fabric buildings and turnkey camp solutions can meet any mineral exploration project’s short-term and rapidly deployable needs or support long-term mining operations.

Furthermore, canvas prospector tents are easily susceptible to deterioration. By comparison, our tensioned fabric membranes do not rot and are mold- and mildew-resistant. We also UV-stabilize our tensioned fabric membranes to offer superior durability in areas with high solar loads. Additionally, our fabric membranes offer further benefits:

  • Greater abrasion resistance than other PVC- or PE-based fabrics
  • Chemically inert attributes
  • Weatherproof features to better protect workers, geologists and sensitive equipment during testing and sampling

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Fabric Structures for Mineral Exploration

Alaska Structures provides mineral exploration companies with fabric structures or camp systems that meet their specific needs. Focusing on safety and reliability, we offer a large selection of building models, sizes and options, including our proprietary insulation system. This insulation system is available for any of our fabric buildings to increase interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are a versatile solution capable of meeting the on-site building needs of any mineral exploration operation, including the following:

Hotel-Like Workforce Accommodations: We can provide individual and shared sleeping quarters (SQ Series, GB Series and TSX Series), rapidly deployable shelter systems (XPL Series) and hotel-like accommodations to house your mineral exploration crew. Learn more.

On-Site Office Space Solutions: Create a space for your operation managers to plan, supervise and review progress in your remote camp. Our modular offices are lightweight, transport easily and offer quick setup and takedown. Learn more.

Dining Facilities for Operations of All Sizes: No matter your mineral exploration operation’s size, you can find a dining solution with Alaska Structures. Choose among systems ranging from a small field kitchen to a large on-site dining facility that can serve thousands of people at once. Learn more.

The Ultimate Defense Against the Elements: Protect workers and geologists in remote areas with rapidly deployable survival and emergency shelters. This is especially important when life-threatening weather appears. Learn more.

Life-Saving Services in Remote Locations: Give your mineral exploration crew peace of mind with on-site medical clinics — a lifeline for remote camps distant from medical facilities. Learn more.

Durable Storage for Equipment Protection: Protect sensitive testing and sampling equipment from harsh weather and create maintenance space with on-site warehousing and storage facilities. Add optional insulation and HVAC systems to create a temperature-controlled warehouse. Learn more.

Safe Core Sample Storage With On-Site Storage Facilities: Whether you need a permanent drill core storage facility or a HEPA-filtered clean room for ice core analysis, we provide core storage facilities that meet your project’s needs. Learn more.

Superior Weather Protection for Aircraft: Aircraft hangars are crucial for remote mineral exploration sites. That’s especially true if the site’s accessible only by air or located in areas with extreme weather. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures quickly create aircraft hangars that protect and store aircraft of all sizes. Learn more.

Mineral exploration camp using SQ Series fabric shelters from Alaska Structures in a tropical climate.

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The Advantages of Engineered Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures

We engineer our high-performance buildings to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires.

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