Product Options
for Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures® offers a large selection of portable and ruggedly durable product options that enhance the operational capability of our fabric buildings.

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We engineer and design our extensive range of support products to meet the highest quality standards and endure the most challenging environments, including extreme heat and cold, high humidity, heavy rain, wind and snow.

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Proper anchoring of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment, and vehicles, particularly in extreme environments. Understanding the diverse applications of our tensioned fabric buildings and remote camp systems, we provide various anchoring and foundation options to attach your structure to almost any level surface securely. Our anchoring methods accommodate asphalt, gravel, earth, wood platforms, and traditional concrete foundations. Our innovative foundation-free ballast frame system offers a rapid and reliable alternative, allowing installation directly on the ground without permanent foundations. Learn more.

The Alaska ECU® is a military-grade, portable HVAC system made by AKS Industries™. It offers unrivaled durability in hot, cold, humid and dusty environments. Also known as an “Environmental Control Unit,” the Alaska ECU is easy to transport, quickly attaches to any Alaska Structures fabric building and creates a comfortable interior space for various applications, such as workforce housing in remote locations. Personnel have used more than 23,000 Alaska ECUs in 85-plus countries. Learn more.

Alaska Structures offers supplemental insulation systems for our tensioned fabric buildings to reduce the heating or cooling required to maintain a comfortable interior working and living environment. Our most popular energy-saving and proprietary insulation systems are the Alaska SuperLayer® and Alaska EnerLayer®. Learn more.

Alaska Structures provides complete power generation and power distribution systems with plug-and-play designs to quickly supply light and electricity for your working or living needs. Our electrical systems are available in 50-Hz and 60-Hz configurations, and they feature robust durability and user-friendly controls to accommodate remote operations in any of our fabric buildings. Our lighting and electrical systems meet both the International Electric Code and the National Electric Code (NEC), which deems them safe and reliable for temporary or permanent use. Learn more.

Alaska Structures offers a rail system for fabric buildings to reposition or relocate while remaining fully assembled. Thanks to our minimal foundation requirements, our rail-based rolling system securely anchors to dry docks, paved or unpaved roadways, ISO containers and virtually any level surface. Our rail systems are available as manual or automated versions, depending on your electrical setup and facility needs. Learn more.

Alaska Structures offers numerous modular flooring systems, including panelized wood flooring systems. Our most popular is the CORADEX Flooring System™. Designed for use with any of our fabric buildings, the CORADEX Flooring System™ features a powder-coated aluminum frame with leveling stands for uneven terrain. It also supports heavy weight loads, can be installed in 30 minutes or less and is made in the U.S. Learn more.

Alaska Structures offers an array of self-contained hygiene facilities for use in our fabric structures, including portable showers, latrines, urinals and sinks. Additionally, we offer rugged, containerized showers and latrines. Our hygiene facilities are equipped with quick-connect plumbing and electrical systems and are available in configurations from four to 10 people. We make our hygiene facilities in the U.S., and they create a portable, comfortable and sanitary space for personnel living and working in remote locations. Learn more.

Alaska Structures offers heavy-duty carry bags, tailored bag weights and payload handles for rapidly transporting our shelter systems to remote locations. Our Carry Bag System organizes and contains shelter components for routine relocation and redeployment, saves time and can reduce transportation costs. Learn more.

Alaska Structures provides containers for transporting fabric buildings, including wood crates, heavy-duty roto-molded containers, aluminum containers and ISO containers. We proudly make our reusable containers in the U.S., and we engineer them to provide durable shipping solutions for repeated transport to remote locations. Alaska containers are excellent solutions for storing fabric buildings and fabric shelter systems when not in use. Learn more.