Fabric Structures For
Fisheries And Wildlife Agencies

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are a premium choice for any fishery’s or wildlife agency’s building needs.

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Engineered Fabric Buildings For Fisheries And Wildlife Agencies

Fishery and wildlife agency staff don’t always get to choose where the work takes them. Working in remote locations often requires reliable structures that support the agency’s mission and protect staff. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® offer many cost- and time-saving advantages. For example, our structures allow fisheries and wildlife agencies to stay within budget while creating new facilities. Furthermore, they can do so in a fraction of the time compared to other prefabricated building solutions and typical construction methods.

Fisheries in particular can’t afford to use inadequate covers that could let in predators, chemical imbalances, temperature fluctuations, uncontrolled sunlight and weather changes. All these factors could harm the maximum load of fish they can culture. Our raceway covers and fish hatchery pond enclosures make it easy to convert open spaces while following best practices to increase fish yields.

For remote locations without established facilities, rapidly deployable shelters from Alaska Structures allow wildlife agencies to quickly create the structures they need. These include structures for checkpoints, hunting stations, sampling stations, data collection research facilities and rescue and rehabilitation facilities.

Portability and Comfort

Our highly portable buildings are ideal for remote wildlife work. That’s because clients can easily set them up seasonally and store them throughout the year. Alternatively, they can leave our structures in place as permanent building solutions.

Alaska Structures also offers living quarters and dining facilities with proprietary insulation systems that increase energy efficiency and year-round comfort. Long-term on-site wildlife crews stay comfortable and safe no matter how extreme the climate or project length.

Fabric Structures For Fish Hatcheries And Wildlife Agencies

Rely on our 50-plus years of experience providing high-quality raceway covers, fishpond enclosures and durable shelter solutions for wildlife agencies. Alaska Structures offers many building models, sizes and options to meet the needs of your fish hatchery or wildlife agency.

Some of our most popular building models for fisheries and wildlife agencies include the following:

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