Mine Dry Facilities and Locker Rooms for Remote Projects

Dirty jobs are no match for mine dry facilities from Alaska Structures. Our mine dry facilities provide workers with a safe space to change and clean up before returning to their living quarters.

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Mine Dry Facilities

Whether you need a simple mine dry facility or fully equipped locker rooms with showers, laundry equipment and drying racks, modular buildings from Alaska Structures® offer many advantages over traditional buildings, including wood-built structures, steel buildings and precast or tilt-up concrete buildings. Our mine dry facilities and locker rooms drastically reduce construction schedules and offer unmatched safety in extreme and remote locations. We engineer them for easy relocation, and they meet area-specific wind and snow loads, as required by local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety.

Engineered to meet local codes and the international building code (IBC)

Reduced logistics, rapid installation and easy relocation

Weatherproof structures for protecting people and equipment

Designed to withstand extreme conditions anywhere in the world

Modular Buildings for Mine Dry Facilities and Locker Rooms

Being able to get clean at the end of a long workday is a good morale booster. When work takes you to the remote corners of the globe and has you working in extreme hot or cold environments, a brief moment of personal attention goes a long way. It creates a sense of accomplishment as you wash away a day’s worth of dirt and sweat. Industries in which professionals get extremely dirty, such as the mining industry, require a mine dry facility or locker room that can hold up to both rigorous environments and workers’ daily use.

Alaska Structures has been engineering fabric buildings and mine dry facilities for extreme environments for more than five decades! In our 50-plus years of being in business, Alaska Structures has provided more than 29,000 tensioned fabric structures to more than 85 countries worldwide. Our best-in-class mine dry facilities provide a designated, separate building for storing work equipment, clothing and personal belongings.

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Alaska Structures provides mine dry facilities and locker rooms to meet your project’s specific needs. Choose from an assortment of building models, sizes and configurations to create mine dry facilities with the following:

  • Shower facilities
  • Restroom (latrine) facilities
  • Locker rooms
  • Changing rooms

Why Choose Engineered Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures?

Engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures offer many advantages over other prefabricated building solutions and conventional building methods, including safety and durability, easy installation and relocation.

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