Fabric Buildings for On-Site
Warehousing and Storage Facilities

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are available in many sizes and are an
ideal solution for quickly creating on-site warehousing and storage facilities.

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On-Site Warehousing and Storage Buildings Delivered On Time and Within Budget

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® offer many time-saving advantages. These advantages allow your team to construct on-site warehousing and storage buildings in a fraction of the time compared to other prefabricated building solutions or typical construction methods. All our on-site warehouses and storage buildings feature open-span designs that don’t require interior support columns. In turn, this maximizes interior space for storing supplies, equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Alaska Structures has delivered more than 29,000 fabric buildings on time and within budget to 85-plus countries. No other fabric building provider comes close to matching our expertise and experience.

Additionally, our dedication to engineering safe, fast and reliable building systems capable of enduring prolonged use in extreme climates is second to none. For hot or cold temperatures, we can add our proprietary insulation and HVAC systems to any of our fabric buildings to create a temperature-controlled warehouse.

Fabric Storage Buildings for Any Purpose

We work closely with facility directors, site managers and warehouse supervisors to provide fabric storage buildings that address specific on-site warehousing and storage requirements. Choose from a large selection of options to create the ultimate storage facility:

  • Personnel doors
  • Equipment doors
  • Lighting and electrical systems
  • Insulation packages
  • HVAC systems
  • Flooring and partition systems

Clients can install our relocatable building systems as temporary warehouses or use them year-round for any warehousing and storage operation.

Popular applications for our on-site warehousing and storage buildings include the following:

Industrial Warehouses and Storage Buildings of All Sizes: Quickly create on-site warehousing and storage facilities. We engineer our high-quality fabric structures for temporary or permanent use to support any warehousing operations or storage building needs.

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Vehicle, Equipment and Supply Protection With Maintenance and Repair Facilities: Whether you need to protect a single vehicle or create a multiple-bay facility to maintain an entire fleet, our fabric buildings create the required space for maintenance and repairs.

Explore Our Vehicle Storage Solutions.

Safe Core Sample Storage: Our core storage facilities are a fast solution for creating a core shack to safely store drilled core samples for later analysis. We also can craft a temperature-controlled, HEPA-filtered clean room for ice core storage and analysis.

Explore Our Core Storage Options.

Engineered Fabric Buildings for Superior Salt and Sand Storage: Protect bulk materials and the surrounding environment with reliable storage facilities. Our bulk storage buildings are available in many sizes, offer shorter construction times and feature open-span interiors. With open-span interiors, clients’ trucks, front-loaders and plows can operate safely and easily inside the structure.

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A large on-site warehouse for storing equipment using a DAGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures.

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The Advantages of Engineered Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures

We engineer our high-performance buildings to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires.

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