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WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses are superior to greenhouse kits and offer a fast and reliable solution for seasonal or year-round growing!

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The WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse

The WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse from Alaska Structures® is meticulously engineered to elevate your gardening experience. Unlike greenhouse kits, a WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse incorporates a robust fabric membrane stretched over a resilient galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum frame system. It’s designed with portability in mind and can be quickly and easily assembled or disassembled for a single growing season or used year-round as a permanent backyard greenhouse. Various anchoring solutions are provided to ensure that your WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse stands up to the elements and provides a safe, controlled environment for your plants, regardless of weather conditions.

Instantly transform any outdoor area into a unique environment for nurturing a variety of plants, vegetables, and flowers. Create a shielded space for small or large horticultural endeavors, community plant exchanges, gardening workshops, or plant propagation and grafting sessions. Other common uses for WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouses include school greenhouse projects, plant nurseries, farmers’ market plant sales, horticultural therapy spaces, hobby greenhouses, gardening club meeting spots, and even winter garden havens. The WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse is available in many sizes to cater to your specific growing needs.

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Learn how to set up an 8’ x 13’ WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse! This video features optional metal shelves, a screen door, roll-up fabric windows (with screen netting), and a humidity and temperature-controlled exhaust fan.

Not Your Average Backyard Greenhouse

WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses are unrivaled in quality and reliability, setting them apart from other store-bought greenhouse kits. Each WeatherPort® greenhouse is carefully engineered to meet the local or International Building Code (IBC) for safety and durability to withstand the specific weather conditions of your area. Unlike other prefabricated greenhouse kits that may take days or weeks to set up, a WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse can be assembled in just a few hours. Moreover, they are designed to remain in place for year-round cultivation or can be taken down quickly at the end of the growing season.

Our greenhouses can be set up on nearly any level surface, from dirt and gravel to asphalt, concrete, or wooden platforms. With a large selection of configurable options, you have the ability to tailor a greenhouse to your unique cultivation needs, including size, layout, shelving, windows, doors, ventilation, climate control, and many other options.

Interior of a WeatherPort® 8’ x 13’ greenhouse, shown with optional metal shelving, lighting, and temperature-humidity controlled exhaust fan.
Interior of a WeatherPort® 8’ x 13’ greenhouse, shown with optional metal shelving, lighting, and temperature-humidity controlled exhaust fan.

A key feature of WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses is our proprietary greenhouse membranes. Designed to be translucent, they diffuse light uniformly, creating an ideal growing environment for your plants. This starkly contrasts with glass or plexiglass greenhouses which can act like a magnifying glass, potentially damaging sensitive plants.

We provide a variety of standard greenhouse structures, like our highly popular 8’ x 13’ backyard greenhouse, which includes everything needed to start your growing adventure. Feel free to contact by calling 907-344-1565 or clicking the button below to request a quote!

Gable-Style Backyard Greenhouses

When you decide on a WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse, you’re investing in a heavy-duty, long-lasting greenhouse structure and creating the ideal environment for your plants and botanical interests to grow.

WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses use the GB Series, a gable-style fabric structure perfectly suited for backyard cultivation. The straight-wall design optimizes interior space with widths ranging from 6′ to 20′ and extendable to any length. A standard eave height of 5’ ensures ample room for larger potted plants to thrive. If you require a taller eave or peak height, we can configure a greenhouse with a higher side-wall height to fulfill your specific growing needs.

Maximize your growing potential by adding metal shelving to cultivate smaller plants or starts at a convenient height. Our GB Series greenhouse structures also have the option of hanging bars – an ideal feature for hanging flower baskets or attaching growing fixtures like sprinklers, drip systems, fans, and lights. The GB Series can also be equipped with a diverse array of doors and windows.

Popular WeatherPort® Backyard Greenhouse sizes and pricing are as followings:

  • 6’ x 4’ Backyard Greenhouse
  • 8’ x 13’ Backyard Greenhouse
  • 10’ x 10’ Backyard Greenhouse
  • 17’ x 20’ Backyard Greenhouse
  • 20’ x 30’ Backyard Greenhouse

Backyard Greenhouse Options

Enhance your WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse with our wide-ranging selection of door and window options, designed to provide protection from adverse weather while offering an ideal enclosed space for plant cultivation. Choose from options such as screen doors, personnel doors, heavy-duty roll-up zipper doors, fabric equipment doors, and standard garage doors (available on larger greenhouses) for easy access and movement of plants and equipment.

Create an optimal growing environment by configuring your greenhouse from a variety of windows, including screened windows, to increase visibility and ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the greenhouse and aid plant health. WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses can also be equipped with sturdy metal shelving to optimize your growing space. Accommodate more plants or starts at a convenient height and make the most of your available greenhouse space.

Our greenhouses can be equipped with temperature and humidity-controlled exhaust fans to ensure an ideal growing environment. These fans help maintain the perfect balance of heat and moisture within your greenhouse, further supporting the health and growth of your plants.

Greenhouse Door Options

Alaska Structures® offers many door systems for our WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses. The following door options may be available depending on the greenhouse size.

Screen Door for a Greenhouse

Experience the ease and functionality of screen doors for your WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse, designed with a built-in screen for enhanced ventilation. These easy-to-use doors feature latches that securely close, ensuring a stable and optimally ventilated environment for your plants. Our greenhouse screen doors are available in 30” x 72” or 30” x 80” sizes, with glass or plexiglass sliding panes or fixed screens.

Personnel Door for a Greenhouse

Opt for the enduring quality of hard personnel doors for your WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse, meticulously crafted by Alaska Structures® with a military-proven design for unrivaled durability. These doors can be tailored with a small square window, marrying strength with visibility for a comprehensive greenhouse solution.

Heavy-Duty, Roll-Up Zipper Door

For WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses, a heavy-duty, roll-up zipper door can be installed. This fabric door can be easily opened or closed according to your needs. Robust alligator clips secure the fabric entry door when rolled up, facilitating the smooth movement of large plants or equipment in and out of the greenhouse.

Fabric Equipment Door

Our fabric equipment doors, designed for large WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses, have a track and pulley system that ensures easy installation and operation. The fabric panels naturally fold as the door is raised. We offer both manual chain-operated and motorized models to suit your specific needs.

Standard Garage Door

For our larger WeatherPort® backyard greenhouse structures, an optional standard garage door is available. These garage doors, similar to those used in traditional homes, come in various sizes and can be outfitted with garage door openers for easy operation.

Greenhouse Window Options

Alaska Structures® offers a variety of window options for our WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses. The availability of these window options may depend on the size of your greenhouse structure. Choices include half-circle screened vents (with zipper fabric cover), clear plastic windows, vinyl-clad glass sliding windows, and roll-up strip vents with fabric covers.

Half-Circle Screen Vents

Half-circle screen vents are an excellent feature for WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses, designed with a fine mesh to keep bugs out while permitting hot air to escape. Accompanied by a zippered fabric cover that can be fully or partially opened to control airflow, these versatile vents can be configured horizontally or vertically to suit your greenhouse design and needs.

Clear Plastic Windows

Clear plastic windows are a valuable addition to your WeatherPort® greenhouse, offering improved sightlines from within the greenhouse while keeping you and your plants shielded from the elements. These windows provide an unhindered view of your surroundings, enhancing your experience without compromising protection. (Photo shown is a WeatherPort® pool enclosure)

Vinyl-Clad Sliding Windows

Vinyl-clad glass sliding windows are an ideal feature for your WeatherPort® greenhouse, offering enhanced visibility and interaction with your surroundings while offering superior protection from the elements. These windows seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetics, enriching your greenhouse experience.

Roll-Up Strip Vents with Fabric Covers

Roll-up strip vents with fabric covers are a beneficial component of WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses, located on the sides for optimal ventilation. Manually rolled up and secured with d-rings, these vents promote great cross-airflow, enhancing the conditions for healthy plant growth while ensuring your greenhouse remains well-ventilated.

Metal Shelving for Greenhouses

WeatherPort® greenhouses can be configured with a range of metal shelving options. The availability of these shelving options may depend on the size of your greenhouse structure. Our metal shelves are constructed from steel, securely anchoring to the vertical frame of the WeatherPort® greenhouse. Each shelf can hold up to 75 lbs. and are available in widths of 20″, 24″, or 32″, offering robust support for your plants and growing equipment.

Greenhouse Plant Hanging Rod Options

Have flowering pots that need to be hung in your greenhouse? WeatherPort® greenhouses can be configured with plant hanging rod options. Depending on the size of your greenhouse structure, we offer 24” or 30″ rods that sit near the greenhouse peak for your plant hanging needs. These rods, which securely connect to the greenhouse frame system, can support up to 75 lbs. each, enabling you to maximize your overhead growing space efficiently and safely.

Additional Greenhouse Options

In addition to the variety of structural and aesthetic choices, our WeatherPort® greenhouses can be equipped with advanced options to enhance your growing environment. We offer temperature and humidity-controlled exhaust fans equipped with louvered vents, aiding in maintaining an optimal environment for plant health. We also offer plug-and-play LED lighting and electrical systems designed for easy installation, potentially eliminating the need for an electrician (depending on your local or state requirements). These features can seamlessly integrate into your greenhouse design, helping your plants thrive year-round.

Accent Color Options for Backyard Greenhouses

Personalize your WeatherPort® greenhouse by selecting an accent color that reflects your style. Whether you want to harmonize with your home’s color palette, complement your landscape design, or simply express your distinctive taste, our range of colors offers something for everyone.

Our standard color selection includes the following:

  • Black, White, Brown, Gray
  • Green, Olive, Light Blue, Blue
  • Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan

For those keen on making a bolder statement, our specialty colors: pink, purple, burgundy, or bright green, will add that extra pop to your backyard greenhouse! Please note that these specialty colors may have limited availability and cause extended production times.

Powder-Coated Greenhouse Frames

At Alaska Structures®, we provide in-house powder coating services for our metal frame systems, bringing an aesthetic enhancement to the natural metal finish of our WeatherPort® greenhouse structures. With an array of colors to choose from, the powder coating improves the visual appeal. It adds an additional layer of protection against oxidation, rust, chemicals, and salt air – making it an ideal choice for greenhouses in coastal or humid climates. Opting for our powder-coated greenhouse frames is an excellent decision for protecting your greenhouse for many years of use!

Need a Backyard Greenhouse with Logos?

With WeatherPort®, your backyard greenhouse can become more than a functional space; it can be a vibrant, personalized statement. Leveraging our in-house printing capability, we can adorn our tensioned fabric membranes with your company logo, school mascot, community or city program names, or any promotional messaging of your choice! To learn more, please visit our logo printing page!

Logo Printing

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WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses by Alaska Structures® offer unparalleled features and options, ensuring an ideal environment for year-round or seasonal growing needs. With customizable accent colors, an array of door and window choices, versatile shelving and hanging rod options, and even personalized printing capabilities, we’re confident in providing a greenhouse that matches your unique requirements. If you want to transform your backyard into a thriving green space, contact Alaska Structures® today using our contact form. Let us help you choose the perfect WeatherPort® greenhouse for your growing adventure!

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