BLU-MED Response Systems®

Respond to large-scale disasters, pandemics and other emergencies with rapidly deployable emergency shelters, medical shelters and mobile field hospitals.


Medical Shelters and Mobile Field Hospitals

BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) is the medical division of AKS Industries, Inc. Formed in 2004 to meet emergency medical needs, BLU-MED is the world’s leading supplier of rapidly deployable medical facilities and mobile field hospitals.

Medical shelters and mobile field hospitals from BLU-MED enable governments, hospitals, relief organizations and response agencies to rapidly deploy medical facilities. This is a critical ability when disasters, airborne infectious disease outbreaks and other medical emergencies arise around the world. Our mobile medical solutions ensure a clean, safe environment suitable for advanced-level care in any climate for short or extended periods.

We can scale and configure BLU-MED structures to serve any of the following applications:

  • Emergency Shelters
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Mobile Field Hospitals
  • Mobile Trauma Centers
  • Mobile Emergency Rooms
  • Portable Medical Centers
  • Portable Outpatient Clinics
  • Disaster Response Centers
  • Emergency Preparedness Centers
  • Deployable Morgue Systems
  • Portable Hospital Surge Capacity Spaces
  • Drive-Through Testing Stations