BLU-MED Response Systems offers emergency mobile field hospitals

Blu-Med Response Systems

The Ultimate Deployable Medical Facilities

Alaska Structures® is comprised of three divisions:

  1. Commercial Division - fabric buildings and camp systems for non-military applications.
  2. Military Division - military shelter systems and turnkey base camps for military operations.
  3. BLU-MED Response Systems – emergency shelters, mobile command centers, and mobile field hospitals for disaster response and emergency preparedness.

When large-scale disasters happen, first responders, disaster response organizations, and government agencies rush in to provide life-saving support. One of the key factors for reducing the loss of life, especially when existing medical facilities have been compromised is to setup portable medical shelters, mobile command centers, and mobile field hospitals capable of providing advanced level care.

BLU-MED Response Systems is the leading provider of deployable field hospitals and emergency shelters enabling communities and emergency management to rapidly respond to large-scale disasters and emergencies.

If you are looking to include a portable emergency shelter or mobile field hospital as part of your communities or agencies emergency preparedness package or want to learn more about our medical shelters and mobile field hospitals, please visit the BLU-MED Response Systems website by clicking the button below:

Visit the BLU-MED Website

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