Blu-Med Response Systems

BLU-MED Response Systems®

BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED®) supplies the world’s most popular medical shelters and mobile field hospitals. Used by government agencies (of all levels), response organizations, and first responders, our mobile medical facilities allow communities to quickly respond to medical emergencies, disasters, hospital surge events, disease outbreaks (like Ebola, COVID-19, flu, etc.), and world conflicts “…when and where needed.”®

Alaska Defense

Alaska Defense, formerly the Military Division of Alaska Structures, is the world’s leading provider of military shelter systems. Our rapidly deployable shelter systems are a superior solution to support the rapid build-up of forces and enhance mission readiness with energy-efficient and scalable solutions that offer unmatched setup and strike capability for expeditionary or enduring deployments.

Alaska Structures®

Alaska Structures® is the commercial division of AKS Industries, Inc., and produces fabric buildings and camp systems used by mining, construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing companies worldwide. WeatherPort®, a brand of Alaska Structures®, makes consumer- and recreational-focused building solutions. Our engineered fabric structures meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety and long-lasting durability in extremely hot, humid, and cold climates.