Fabric Buildings for Dining Facilities and Dining Halls

Quickly create on-site dining facilities and dining halls using engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Our building solutions offer unmatched safety and durability.

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Dining Halls

Whether it’s a dining hall for a university campus serving students, faculty, staff and visitors or a dining facility for a 5,000-person remote mining camp that must operate 24/7, Alaska Structures® offers dining facilities to meet any need. Our engineered fabric structures provide an unmatched level of durability and safety in any location and drastically reduce construction times. You can also easily relocate and expand them as your organization’s needs change.

Engineered to meet local codes and the International Building Code (IBC)

Reduced logistics, rapid installation and easy relocation

Weatherproof structures for protecting people and equipment

Designed to withstand extreme conditions anywhere in the world

Rapidly Expand or Create On-Site Dining Facilities

Dining facilities from Alaska Structures are available in customizable widths and lengths. The open-span design allows for maximum use of interior space. We engineer our dining facilities to meet area-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires. Additionally, we can equip our engineered fabric buildings with an array of window and door systems to create a high-end dining experience.

Do you need an insulated fabric structure for year-round use? No problem. Alaska Structures offers proprietary insulation systems to increase energy efficiency, integrate seamlessly with our building systems and create a comfortable interior — even in the harshest climates.

We’ve provided dining facilities to more than 85 countries worldwide for more than 50 years! Click the images below to see how some of our past clients use fabric buildings from Alaska Structures for their dining facility and dining hall requirements. Call us today at +1-907-344-1565 to discuss your project!

Clients use our engineered fabric structures for the following purposes:

  • Cafeteria buildings
  • Dining halls for schools
  • Dining facilities for remote camps
  • Dining tents and portable kitchens
  • Mess halls and “chow” halls for correctional facilities
  • On-site dining areas for movie production crews
  • Food pavilions for recreational facilities

Why Choose Engineered Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures?

Engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures offer many advantages. That’s especially true when you compare them to other prefabricated buildings, steel buildings, precast or tilt-up concrete buildings, wood-built structures and conventional brick-and-mortar buildings.

Our engineered fabric buildings feature lower transportation costs, are installable and securable to virtually any level surface, drastically reduce construction schedules and are virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, clients can leave them in place for decades of use or quickly take down and relocate them. Furthermore, our fabric building systems’ expert engineering ensures the highest degree of safety and durability.

Explore our advantages.

Select a building model below to determine which building solution is right for you. Call us today at +1-907-344-1565 to discuss your dining facility and dining hall needs!

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