About Us

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Alaska Structures, a division of AKS Industries, Inc., designs and manufactures the world's most popular and widely used fabric buildings and remote camp systems. We have produced and tested hundreds of building designs in an exhaustive effort to develop the ultimate fabric building solution which will meet any challenge, functional or environmental. 

If you are interested in who we are, you’re probably interested in buying a fabric structure for commercial, industrial, or governmental use. You’re in the right place. Alaska Structures creates the world’s best fabric buildings and camp systems. Since we handcrafted our first rugged, American-made replacement for the traditional canvas prospector’s tent in 1975, Alaska Structures has created more than 65,000 engineered fabric buildings used for turnkey camp systems, modular buildings for workforce housing, modular field offices, airplane hangars and helicopter hangars, on-site heavy equipment warehouses, dining halls for large mining and construction camps, workshops, exploration shelters, and more. Our fabric buildings have been used for over 40 years in more than 85+ countries, but that is only part of our story. Our people are what set us apart from other companies.

At Alaska Structures, we recruit and hire top talent from universities and the industries we serve. Many members of our staff have advanced degrees, decades of experience, or both. We also offer field-tested training programs designed to constantly improve our knowledge, production standards, and customer service skills. Our expert team is here to serve you, and we have the technical knowhow and communication skills to handle most if not all design and engineering work by phone or email. For larger, more complex projects, we can visit your project site and assist with site analysis, foundation requirements, and design. Our field installation teams are knowledgeable, thorough, and work efficiently and professionally with project managers, site directors, and construction managers to ensure that your fabric buildings or camp systems are installed quickly, safely, and to your specifications. We not only engineer, design, and manufacture the most advanced fabric buildings available, but produce many of the support systems that further enhance or allow our engineered fabric buildings to be used in extreme locations, such as plug-and-playing lighting and electrical systems, energy-saving insulation systems, HVAC and ruggedized environmental control units (Alaska ECUs™), and in-house powder coating, to name a few. Additionally, we use third-party firms to test and certify the engineering of our products to ensure they meet our industry leading standards.

To make sure Alaska Structures attracts the best personnel on the market, we offer our employees a supportive work environment, competitive pay packages, and generous benefits. Although our compensation packages cost a little more, their return on investment is improved performance and increased employment longevity. More than 90 percent of our executive and management teams have been with Alaska Structures for more than 10 years. That’s more than 200 percent higher than the national average. About half of our executive team has been with Alaska Structures for more than two decades. That’s about four times higher than the national average. How many other companies can say the same?

Among the many benefits of working at Alaska Structures are:

  • Profit sharing
  • Health insurance packages available
  • 401k safe harbor company contributions
  • On-site fitness center
  • Leadership training offered to all employees
  • Employee bonus plan (entry-level to top-level executives)
  • 21 paid volunteer days per year

Alaska Structures CEO Richard Hotes believes that Alaska Structures' employees can help the lives of others, and that’s why we offer our team up to three weeks of paid volunteer days a year. Over the past decade, about 25 percent of Alaska Structures' employees have taken all their volunteer days to help the less fortunate in the United States and abroad. Through the Hotes Foundation™, our volunteers have willingly risked their health and sometimes their lives to conduct humanitarian missions in some of the world’s most impoverished areas, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Haiti, and the Philippines. To make sure they are agents of the change the world needs, Alaska Structures volunteers routinely put in 15 to 20-hour workdays while on humanitarian missions.

At Alaska Structures, we create the best fabric buildings and camp systems on the market and offer highest level of customer support. You can rely on the Alaska Structures team to provide the highest standard of professionalism and responsiveness in all that we do, and we will always be there for you.

Construction crew with air-conditioned fabric buildings in the background

Alaska Structures' headquarters in Anchorage, AK

Alaska Structures' factory interior

Alaska Structures' fabrication machinery

Alaska Structures' rotomold shipping containers