Fabric Structures for Oil & Gas Operations

Alaska Structures delivers fabric buildings on time and within budget to support all aspects of remote oil and gas operations.

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Turnkey construction camps for oil and gas

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® allow oil and gas companies to quickly establish construction camps with on-site facilities for field offices, workforce housing and hygiene facilities. We provide fabric buildings to create 10- to 5,000-person oil field camps, turnkey construction camps and man camps.

Our fabric buildings offer many time-saving benefits compared with other prefabricated building solutions. These include faster delivery and construction times, energy-efficient designs, maintenance-free structures and quick storage and relocation. The latter is especially important as the oil and gas project’s needs change. 

Additionally, attract and retain skilled oil and gas workers with an assortment of private or shared living quarters. We engineer our fabric buildings to provide an unmatched level of safety and durability against extreme weather conditions. Get oil and gas field crews to work sooner with rapidly deployable fabric buildings that clients can install in as little as 10 minutes.

Multipurpose fabric buildings for any oil and gas operation

For over 50 years, thousands of oil and gas companies worldwide have field-tested and proven our multipurpose fabric buildings and portable man camps are ideal.

We’re dedicated to continuing this legacy with fabric buildings engineered for durability, safety and rapid deployment to fulfill any remote oil and gas operation’s needs.

Furthermore, we work closely with oil and gas companies to provide modular structures and remote camp systems that address specific building requirements. We offer a large selection of building models, sizes and options to create on-site infrastructure to support oil and gas operations:

Hotel-Like Workforce Accommodations: Whether you need individual or shared sleeping quarters, rapidly deployable shelter systems or hotel-like accommodations, Alaska Structures has fabric building solutions to keep your oil and gas crew comfortable. Learn more.

Portable Building Solutions for On-Site Offices: Give managers and administrative staff comfortable and safe spaces to work in your remote camp with our modular office solutions. Learn more.

Dining Facilities for Any-Sized Oil and Gas Operation: With fabric buildings of any size, we can accommodate everything from small field kitchens to on-site dining facilities capable of feeding thousands of oil and gas workers at once. Learn more.

The Ultimate Defense Against the Elements: Prepare your remote oil and gas workers with rapidly deployable survival and emergency shelters if the weather creates dangerous conditions. Learn more.

Life-Saving Medical Facilities in Remote Locations: Provide immediate medical care with on-site medical clinics if a jobsite accident occurs. Learn more.

Durable Storage Facilities for Equipment Protection: Quickly create on-site warehousing and storage facilities with fabric building systems from Alaska Structures. An open-span design and many available sizes quickly creates the needed space to safely store oil and gas equipment. Learn more.

Fabric Buildings for Salt and Sand Storage Facilities: Rely on our bulk storage facilities to protect and keep your materials dry. Our bulk storage facilities are an excellent solution for preventing dust or runoff from affecting the surrounding environment. Learn more.

Pipeline Enclosures and Pump Stations: Our fabric buildings can meet all your on-site building and enclosure needs, including compressor stations, metering stations, mainline valve stations, pump stations, pressure regulating facilities and product terminals. We also create upstream, midstream and downstream pipeline enclosures. Learn more.

Superior Weather Protection for Any Aircraft: Remote oil and gas camps need on-site hangars to protect aircraft from the elements. We engineer our fabric hangar solutions for durability. Additionally, we can equip them with a large assortment of hangar doors and offer HVAC systems to create temperature-controlled hangars. Learn more.

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The Advantages of Engineered Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures

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