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Elevate the level of your hotel or resort and enhance guest experiences with seasonal or year-round outdoor facilities from Alaska Structures®.

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Year-Round Fabric Structures for Hotels and Resorts

In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, hotels and restaurants constantly push boundaries to offer unique experiences and exclusive venues, ensuring their investments yield tangible returns. WeatherPort® branded structures and engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are a popular choice for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality enterprises seeking to enhance guest experiences with seasonal or year-round outdoor venues. Our experienced building specialists work closely with hotel managers, general managers, and hospitality executives, crafting visually appealing building solutions tailored to diverse needs. These fabric structures are versatile and functional, used for purposes ranging from ballrooms, convention spaces, cafes, poolside cabanas, and pool enclosures to exclusive villas, entertainment facilities, and grounds maintenance centers.

Uncompromising safety and long-lasting durability are paramount to Alaska Structures®. Unlike traditional party tents, our fabric buildings are meticulously engineered to withstand the wind and snow loads specific to your hotel’s location, allowing them to be used seasonal or year-round. What further sets our engineered fabric structures apart is the efficiency they bring. With our fabric buildings, hotels, and resorts can drastically cut down on construction time and costs, enabling them to introduce guests to novel, visually distinct spaces in a remarkably short time frame. This swift construction means a faster path to generating additional revenue. We provide many model choices in various sizes, further configurable with a wide array of amenities like insulation systems, HVAC, and advanced lighting and electrical systems. All these elements come together, ensuring that the hospitality aspirations of any hotel or resort are seamlessly met.

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The golf course grounds are transformed into a beautiful venue perfect for hosting an elegant outdoor evening celebration using WeatherPort® 6-sided canopies from Alaska Structures®.
The golf course grounds are transformed into a beautiful venue perfect for hosting an elegant outdoor evening celebration using WeatherPort® 6-sided canopies from Alaska Structures®.

The Benefit of Fabric Buildings for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels aiming to elevate the ambiance of their meticulously curated grounds for special outdoor events, weddings, and gatherings can greatly benefit from the elegance and functionality of fabric buildings by Alaska Structures®.

Crafted with precision, our fabric buildings offer unmatched protection from harsh weather conditions and are built to endure frequent assembly and disassembly, making them perfect for seasonal or occasional events. Every building solution from Alaska Structures® is designed to meet area-specific wind and snow load standards as mandated by local or International Building Code (IBC), ensuring utmost safety for occasional use or as a permanent fixture. With the added advantage of requiring minimal foundation, these buildings can be effortlessly anchored to almost any level surface. Our metal frames are available in high-strength galvanized steel or lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. For those near the coast with salty sea breezes, we offer powder-coated frames that aid in resisting corrosion. Our tensioned fabric membranes are UV stabilized (not coated), ensuring longevity in areas with high solar loads.

To further understand the benefits of our fabric buildings, please visit: “Why Choose Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures?

Create One-of-a-Kind Hotel Venues

Our fabric structures come in a vast array of styles, sizes, and fabric colors, including many color patterns. Create a one-of-a-kind venue with the ability to add printed logos, beautiful lighting options, and plug-and-play electrical systems, all tailored to align with your hotel or resort’s unique needs. Our high-performance fabric structures can be enhanced with design accents like decorative side curtains, screens, end panels, and a diverse range of doors and windows to boost privacy and guard against the elements. This rich customization palette starkly contrasts the constrained offerings of standard party tents, ensuring our fabric structures are bespoke for your hotel or resort, matching every requirement.

Each fabric building from Alaska Structures® is meticulously crafted to fulfill the distinct needs of your establishment. Our WeatherPort® Canopy Series and WeatherPort® Jubilee Series outshine ordinary pop-up canopies and party tents in durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Dive into the intricacies of our Canopy and Jubilee series as listed below:

The 4-sided WeatherPort® canopy by Alaska Structures® is ideal for smaller events or venue spaces, presenting a safer and distinctive replacement for typical pop-up canopies. With a plethora of features, you can craft exclusive spaces for guest interactions or design rentable cabanas adjacent to the pool. Integrating a WeatherPort® canopy elevates any outdoor event, ensuring a lasting impression for your guests. Tailored to your precise requirements, this canopy is accessible in a range of sizes, making it a seamless fit for your hotel or resort’s canopy needs.

The WeatherPort® 4-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 10’ x 10’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 15’ Canopy
  • 10’ x 20’ Canopy
  • 12’ x 12’ Canopy
  • 16’ x 16’ Canopy
  • 20’ x 20’ Canopy
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The WeatherPort® Hexapae™ from Alaska Structures® boasts a unique six-sided canopy layout, providing a durable and stylish solution for hotels and resorts dedicated to elevating their outdoor event offerings. Designed for durability, portability, and quick assembly, the Hexapae™ ensures a rapid setup, surpassing the efficiency of conventional party tents. The Hexapae™ canopy is available in two sizes and is the premier choice for hotels and resorts looking for a heavy-duty canopy solution to host outdoor events.

The WeatherPort® 6-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 16’ Diameter Hexapae™
  • 30’ Diameter Hexapae™
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Hotels, resorts, and golf courses aiming to offer guests an elevated outdoor experience should consider the WeatherPort® Octopae™ by Alaska Structures®. This eight-sided canopy structure, known for its beautiful design, rugged durability, and the ability to quickly set up, takedown, or leave in place year-round, is suitable for a broad spectrum of outdoor events. Elegant side curtain options can transform the Octopae™ into a private event space, shielding guests from unpredictable weather. Conversely, leaving the sides open (or rolling up the side curtains) invites attendees to enjoy the indoor and outdoor aspects of the 8-sided canopy while appreciating the scenic backdrop and nearby grounds.

The WeatherPort® 8-sided canopy is available in the following sizes:

  • 35’ Diameter Octopae™
  • 40’ Diameter Octopae™
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For hotels, resorts, and golf courses looking to improve their outdoor venue offerings, the WeatherPort® Jubilee series by Alaska Structures® is a superior choice. Tailored to host special events, it boasts ample room for gathering areas, dance floors, and space for services and storage. Available in a range of widths, from 15′ to 40′, the Jubilee series can be configured in lengths of 10′ increments. The Jubilee event structures are much safer and a more attractive solution compared to typical party tents. WeatherPort® Jubilee structures can be used year-round to enhance hotel and resort venue spaces and generate revenue. Choose from a wide selection of side curtain options to protect guests should the weather turn unpleasant.

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Side Curtain Options

Hotels and resorts can enrich their outdoor spaces with our beautiful canopies and event structures, designed to accommodate a variety of stylish side curtains seamlessly. These curtains are easily attached to the structure and can be rolled up, down, or removed, adapting quickly to changing weather conditions. Hotels and resorts can align their side curtain colors with the color of the canopy or event structure or opt for a contrasting palette to amplify visual appeal. Furthermore, our solid side curtains can be customized with printed logos, letting hotels bolster their brand visibility or create identifiable markings for venues and poolside cabanas.

Color Options for Hotels and Resorts

Step away from the typical white pop-up canopies and uplift your hotel or resort’s outdoor ambiance with vibrant canopies or event structures from Alaska Structures®. We offer an extensive selection of standard fabric colors and patterns to match the image or theme of your hotel or resort or choose colors that blend in beautifully with the surrounding environment. Special color options are also available upon request, ensuring your canopy or event structure truly embodies your establishment’s unique spirit.

Color Options for Powder-Coated Frames

Alaska Structures® takes pride in its in-house capability for powder-coating our metal frame systems. Beyond a palette of many color choices, powder coating enriches the aesthetics of our WeatherPort® outdoor event structures. It fortifies them against challenges like oxidation, rust, chemicals, and salty air – making it indispensable for locations near the sea or in high-humidity regions. By fusing robustness and refined aesthetics, our powder-coated frames are ideal for hosting luxurious private parties, celebrations, and corporate events and curating long-lasting poolside cabanas. Lean on our powder-coating expertise to ensure your hotel or resort’s outdoor canopies and event structures are a visual treat and enduringly resilient against the elements.

Branded Canopies for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts can harness the potential of WeatherPort® canopy and event structures from Alaska Structures® to elevate their outdoor ambiance, delivering captivating guest experiences. Our in-house printing capability lets us directly print near-magazine quality logos, brand messages, or event-specific promotional content onto our tensioned fabric membranes. This enhances the aesthetic charm and reinforces brand consistency for your hotel or resort. It’s a perfect fit for luxury resorts and exclusive properties, offering guests an immersive, branded environment. We invite you to check out our promotional canopies page to explore more!

Promotional Canopies

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The interior of a 35’ wide WeatherPort® Octopae™ (8-sided canopy) with side curtains from Alaska Structures®.
The interior of a 35’ wide WeatherPort® Octopae™ (8-sided canopy) with side curtains from Alaska Structures® offers guests an enclosed and protected dining space.

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