Fabric Buildings For Airplane Hangars

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures make ideal airplane hangars for remote projects and commercial airplanes.

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Protect Aircraft With Fabric Hangars

Keeping aircraft safe while in the air is of the utmost importance. However, it’s imperative to remember the time that aircraft spend on the ground, exposed to the elements.

Typical construction times and costs may be barriers to creating quality airplane hangars, but fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® allow you to create aircraft hangars and aviation buildings in a fraction of the time.

Alaska Structures expertly engineers airplane hangars and airport buildings to safely meet wind and snow loads, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires. Our structures offer unmatched safety and durability.

Additionally, our fabric buildings drastically reduce construction schedules and create a weatherproof enclosure that protects your aircraft and equipment. Two of our fabric buildings’ key features are low-cube packaging and quick relocation. As a result, clients can use them as temporary hangars or as long-term aircraft storage facilities.


Alaska Structures offers a large selection of building models, sizes and options to meet your airplane hangar requirements. Our fabric buildings are available in many sizes. Choose from a selection of window and door packages, including hangar doors, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC systems, insulation packages, anchoring solutions and vehicle exhaust systems. Our packages ensure you can operate and test airport equipment safely.

Versatile Fabric Buildings For Any Airport Building Need

The versatility of our fabric buildings allows airports and transportation departments to create high-quality aircraft hangars and airport buildings. These structures fulfill any building requirement, such as these:

  • Airport terminals
  • Ground support buildings
  • Security screening facilities
  • Equipment and baggage storage facilities
  • Deicing structures

Superior Weather Protection for Aircraft: Create an aircraft hangar for your plane or helicopter or a public airport with building solutions from Alaska Structures. Our engineered building systems create a hangar facility where you can safely maintain, store and protect aircraft from harsh weather.

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All-Weather Workshops Engineered for Durability: Create the workshop space you need for your aviation projects without time-consuming and labor-intensive construction. You can quickly set up our fabric buildings, and they require virtually no maintenance.

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On-Site Facilities for Storage and Maintenance: Store and maintain your ground support equipment and vehicles with fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Our optional insulation and HVAC systems create temperature-controlled airport facilities.

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Comfortable Dining Facilities of All Sizes: Add a food court to your airport with fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Our dining facilities are available in many sizes, and are an excellent choice for quickly creating onsite dining spaces.

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An 80′ wide x 100′ long temperature-controlled aircraft hangar using a DAGB Series™ fabric building from Alaska Structures.

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