Homeless Shelters and
Navigation Centers

Homeless shelters and navigation centers from Alaska Structures create a humane, clean, safe and reliable space to quickly accommodate those in need.

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Navigation Centers and Humane Homeless Shelters

When local municipalities, cities, states and government agencies experience challenges with homelessness, specifically needing to quickly provide humane housing solutions, hygiene facilities and dining facilities, they choose Alaska Structures®. Our high-performance fabric structures offer a rapid solution for establishing living accommodations and other resource centers to help those in need. Additionally, we offer a range of facilities to meet your homeless shelter or navigation center needs.

Navigation centers made using engineered fabric buildings quickly address a growing need for homeless shelters. They also provide a rapid response to emerging humanitarian crises and living facilities for refugees fleeing their homes. We can equip our fabric structures with insulation packages and HVAC systems to create a temperature-controlled facility, shielding occupants from extreme heat and cold.

Furthermore, we engineer our weatherproof structures to meet area-specific wind and snow loads, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires. This creates a safe and reliable modular building system capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and year-round use.

Additional options available for any Alaska Structures fabric shelter include the following:

  • Window and door systems
  • Modular flooring systems
  • Furniture packages

An Alaska Structures building specialist will work with the leadership in your organization to discuss your area’s homeless shelter or navigation center needs and propose a building solution.

Additional Benefits

Tensioned fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer drastically shorter construction times than traditional buildings, metal buildings and other prefabricated building solutions. Unlike “instant” structures that require concrete foundations, clients can safely and securely anchor our fabric buildings to virtually any level surface. Another unique benefit of choosing Alaska Structures is the ability to quickly take down and either store or relocate the shelter as needs change.

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Modular Buildings for Housing People in Need

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading provider of engineered fabric buildings. We have provided more than 29,000 fabric buildings to 85-plus countries. In short, no other shelter provider comes close to matching our experience and expertise.

Clients use our modular buildings to support the activities of many industries and for many purposes. Our ability to provide a fabric building that meets your organization’s exact needs, including safe and reliable homeless shelters and navigation centers, is unrivaled.

Local municipalities as well as city, state and government agencies use our high-quality structures to fulfill any shelter requirements. These include those for homeless, displaced and refugee populations, and our structures’ applications include the following:

  • Homeless Shelters (Single Family Units or Multifamily Facilities)
  • Homeless Navigation Centers (With Kitchen, Dining, Laundry, Hygiene Facilities and More)
  • Refugee Camps and Refugee Housing Units (RHU)
  • Migration Processing Facilities
  • Staff Offices and Locker Rooms (for Medical Workers, Social Workers and Case Managers)
  • Medical Clinics
  • Modular Classrooms
  • Worship Facilities
  • Recreation Centers and Indoor Sports Facilities

Why Choose Engineered Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures?

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are a superior solution for creating safe and humane homeless shelters and navigation centers.

Whether you need 10-person single-family homeless shelters or a 200-bed navigation center, our fabric buildings offer many advantages. That’s especially true when compared to containerized housing units, travel trailers and other prefabricated buildings.

These advantages include the following:

  • Many building models and sizes
  • Low-cube shipping that reduces transportation costs
  • Drastically shorter construction times
  • Ability to create short- and long-term facilities
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Relocatable structures made for quick disassembly and compact storage

Select a building model below to determine which fabric building solution is right for your organization’s homeless navigation center needs.

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