Learn about the different industries that rely on high-performance fabric buildings and camp systems from Alaska Structures.

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Alaska Structures®, a division of AKS Industries, Inc., serves a broad range of industries. Clients use our modular building solutions for temporary structures and permanent installations. For more than five decades, Alaska Structures has engineered and manufactured fabric buildings and remote camp systems for businesses, governments and organizations with operations around the world.

We proudly make our fabric structures in the U.S. Furthermore, we use the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to create long-lasting and durable building solutions.

Clients can install tensioned fabric buildings from Alaska Structures more quickly than other “instant” structures, steel buildings, precast and concrete tilt-up buildings, as well as conventional construction methods. Our fabric structures have minimal foundation requirements, can be assembled with unskilled labor, are low maintenance, and are easily reconfigured or relocated should your operation’s needs change. Moreover, they provide cost savings over the building’s life.

To learn more about fabric buildings from Alaska Structures or to request a quote, please call +1-907-344-1565. You can also tell us about your building requirements via our online form.

Alaska Structures creates the most rugged fabric structures and portable camp systems for mineral exploration companies worldwide. Our versatile building products are uniquely suited for any application, including storage, housing, conveyer enclosures, offices and more. Learn more.

Mining companies that need modular building solutions or turnkey camp systems to support mining operations should consider the many benefits of Alaska Structures. Our mining camps and on-site infrastructure are uniquely suited for any application anywhere in the world, including housing, mine dry facilities, conveyer enclosures, field offices, storage buildings and repair facilities. Learn more.

Companies in the oil and gas industries know they can trust Alaska Structures to provide versatile fabric buildings for use as oilfield camps, turnkey work camps, workforce housing, on-site warehouses, pump station enclosures, monitoring stations, pipeline enclosures, temporary maintenance facilities and more. Learn more.

Alaska Structures manufactures tension fabric buildings for geophysical exploration projects. Our fabric buildings work well for numerous exploration applications, including drilling enclosures, protected survey facilities, personnel housing, field kitchens and on-site dining facilities. Learn more.

Major construction projects in remote locations require on-site infrastructure. Fabric buildings and turnkey camp systems from Alaska Structures quickly create facilities to protect work crews, vehicles and equipment necessary for keeping construction projects on schedule. Learn more.

Do you need to expand on-site warehousing or storage space? We design our engineered fabric buildings for safety and long-lasting durability. Our onsite warehousing and storage facilities feature open-span interiors and are available in any size. Compared to other prefabricated buildings, Alaska Structures offers the fastest production, delivery and installation. Learn more.

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures allow transportation and public works departments to quickly create vehicle storage and repair facilities, road salt and sand storage facilities, workshops and more. We deliver our high-quality fabric buildings on time and within budget to keep your transportation project moving. Learn more.

Protect aircraft against rain, wind, sand, snow and extreme temperatures using aircraft hangars and airport facilities from Alaska Structures. We can equip our fabric aircraft hangars with an assortment of hangar doors and other options, including insulation and HVAC systems. Our fabric structures are an excellent solution for airport terminals and ground-support buildings. Learn more.

Manufacturers often need to scale production quickly to keep up with demand. They also may need to create additional space to produce, assemble and store products. Regardless of their requirements, manufacturers know industrial fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are the perfect solution. Learn more.

Alaska Structures provides fabric buildings and remote camp systems for research projects around the world. We engineer our high-quality fabric structures to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads and extreme heat and cold. Clients use our fabric buildings as laboratories, drilling enclosures and personnel shelters. Learn more.

Does your wildlife agency need highly portable buildings for remote sites or raceway and fishpond enclosures to protect and increase fish yields? Alaska Structures provides heavy-duty facilities for wildlife agencies and fish hatcheries. Our fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for seasonal and year-round use. Learn more.

Don’t let lengthy construction timelines get in the way of providing quality education facilities for your school district. Clients can rely on portable classrooms and modular school buildings from Alaska Structures to quickly create indoor and outdoor classrooms, gymnasiums and school cafeterias. Learn more.

Power plants and power generation facilities, such as solar farms and wind farms, need on-site buildings. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are the perfect solution. They create warehouses to store replacement parts, as well as workshops and maintenance structures to keep power facilities operational and efficient. Learn more.

Government agencies that need additional facilities find fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are faster and better than other prefabricated shelters, metal buildings and standard building construction. Clients use our fabric structures for municipal projects, homeless navigation centers, correctional facilities and fire stations. Learn more.

Alaska Structures has supplied more than 37,000 military shelters and 24,000-plus Alaska ECUs® (Environmental Control Units) to the U.S. Military, NATO Forces, Allied Forces and international militaries and governments. No other provider comes close to matching our combat-proven military shelter systems. Learn more.

Mission-critical buildings are essential to ensuring today’s “always-on” reliability and business continuity go uninterrupted. High-tech industries with rapid requirements for “instant structures” know engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are the perfect solution. Learn more.

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® provide quick, adaptable commercial and retail spaces. Ideal for instant retail and rental shops, auto dealerships, retail greenhouses, and covered outdoor seating – to name a few – our heavy-duty, year-round structures will meet your business’s evolving needs. Learn more.

Venues needing a heavy-duty, year-round outdoor structure to host events should consider solutions from Alaska Structures®. We offer many building models, sizes, and configurable options to create one-of-a-kind private, semi-enclosed, or open-air structures to meet the needs of your outdoor events. Learn more.