Engineered Fabric Buildings
Available in Hundreds of Sizes

Alaska Structures engineers high-performance fabric structures for safety and long-lasting durability in any climate.

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40′ x 60′ fabric building from Alaska Structures® anchored to concrete foundation blocks

About Alaska Structures

Alaska Structures®, a division of AKS Industries, Inc., has manufactured and delivered more than 29,000 fabric buildings and turnkey camp systems on time and within budget to more than 85 countries.

No other prefabricated building provider comes close to matching our level of experience.

More than five decades of unparalleled expertise go into the design of every Alaska Structures building system. We produce the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient, and most relocatable building solutions available. For safety, we engineer our fabric structures to meet area-specific wind and snow loads, as required by local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) and the temporary section of the National Electric Code (NEC).

We offer a large selection of fabric buildings, available in many sizes to meet your building needs. WeatherPort® (now a brand of Alaska Structures) offers many types of high-quality tensioned fabric structures.

Alaska Structures offers the largest and fastest production capabilities in the industry.

Fabric Buildings with
No Foundation Requirement

The ballast frame system from Alaska Structures® is a groundbreaking, foundation-free anchoring method for our tensioned fabric buildings. It uses high-strength galvanized steel frames secured in place using heavy weights. This innovative and proprietary system allows rapid deployment on any terrain, significantly reducing construction time and environmental impact.

120′ x 400′ Onsite material storage facility for data center construction, using the ballast frame system from Alaska Structures®

Industries We Serve

Clients use fabric buildings from Alaska Structures across a wide range of industries and for nearly every possible building application. Our unique approach to engineering fabric building systems to withstand life-threatening conditions allows them to provide ultimate protection.

From the bitterly cold temperatures of Antarctica’s ice shelves to the searing heat of the Sahara Desert to the Mount Everest base camps at 17,500-foot elevation, our structures withstand the strain.

Learn how the following industries use our fabric buildings.

Benefits of Our Engineered Fabric Structures

Portable Buildings Designed for Easy Setup

Delivered on Time and Within Budget

Engineered for Extreme Conditions

Maintenance-Free Structures

Energy-Efficient and Application-Specific Design

Worldwide Delivery and Support

Our Clients

AKS Industries, Inc. (the parent corporation of Alaska Structures) proudly manufactures high-performance fabric buildings and turnkey camp systems in the U.S. and offers worldwide delivery.

Nearly 400,000 square feet of production facilities and a highly skilled and dedicated team are responsible for our excellence and unmatched success. Read testimonials from a handful of customers below!

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