Power and Lighting Systems
for Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures® provides power generation and distribution systems featuring plug-and-play designs to quickly supply electricity to on-site building systems in remote locations.

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Plug-and-Play Lighting and Electrical Systems

Alaska Structures® provides power generation, power distribution and lighting systems that feature plug-and-play designs for fabric buildings and camp systems in remote locations. We design our lighting and electrical systems to seamlessly integrate with any of our building systems, and they are available in 50-Hz and 60-Hz configurations.

Whether it is a 10-person camp for mineral exploration or a 1,000-person construction camp, Alaska Structures supplies power generation and distribution systems to meet each project’s specific needs. We supply complete power solutions, including the following:

  • Fuel storage facilities and fuel storage tanks
  • Generators
  • Power distribution systems
  • Lighting and electrical systems

Fuel Storage Facilities and Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage in remote locations can be hazardous. As a solution, Alaska Structures provides fabric buildings for fuel storage. Often located away from on-site living and work facilities, clients use our fuel storage buildings to safely store fuels in a designated area. We can design these buildings with fuel containment, ventilation and exhaust systems.

In addition to providing fuel storage buildings, Alaska Structures supplies fuel storage tanks. A heavy-duty, double-wall construction eliminates containment basins and allows for stacking two-high when full and three-high when empty. The fuel storage tanks feature a lockable cabinet that secures all the ports and equipment while fueling. Four-way forklift pockets and liftable corner brackets make our fuel storage tanks easy to move and relocate.

Power Generation Systems

AKS Industries™ (the parent corporation of Alaska Structures) manufactures and supplies a line of ruggedly durable, portable generators with 20-kW to 400-kW capacities. Alaska Power™ systems are military-grade generators with user-friendly controls and quick-connect cables. Now available for commercial operations, our portable generators feature built-in fuel tanks and a powder-coated and insulated enclosure for quiet operation. Clients can also attach Alaska Power generators to fuel bladders or fuel storage tanks for extended run times.

All portable generators from Alaska Structures are available in U.S. (60 Hz) and European (50 Hz) voltages. Our generators meet the National Electric Code (NEC) and the International Electric Code.

Clients can sync Alaska Power generators for parallel operations, which reduces fuel usage during nonpeak loads.

Alaska Structures offers an assortment of portability options, including trailer-mounted generators, skid-mounted generators (with forklift pockets on all four sides) and wheel kits or cart options for smaller portable generators.

Power Distribution Systems

In addition to fuel storage facilities and power generation systems, Alaska Structures supplies power distribution systems. A single power distribution system can power up to 18 fabric shelters with one generator.

Our power distribution systems are available in U.S. (60 Hz) and European (50 Hz) voltages. These systems also meet the National Electric Code (NEC) and the International Electric Code.

Alaska Structures offers an assortment of power distribution systems. Commonly referred to as a “PDU” (Power Distribution Unit), we design our mil-spec power system for portability and prolonged exposure to extreme climates. These are often centrally positioned within a work camp and feed power to nearby workforce accommodations, living quarters, modular offices and workspaces.

Alaska Structures also produces Power Distribution Panels (PDP). Like the circuit breaker you’d find in your home, these portable electrical panels provide power to outlets, lighting, electrical systems and other devices.

All Alaska Structures power distribution units and PDPs feature plug-and-play connections for quick and easy installation.*

*A certified electrician may be required to connect the electrical distribution panel to shore power or local power utility. Please check your local or state requirements.

Lighting and Electrical Systems

Alaska Structures supplies lighting and electrical systems that feature plug-and-play designs for fast installation and rugged durability.

Whether powering a field kitchen for 500 hungry workers multiple times a day or a single shelter that researchers use in a remote location, Alaska Structures offers a large selection of lighting and electrical systems. Our systems include the following:

  • Power outlets and power drops with U.S. or European plugs
  • Shatterproof fluorescent lighting
  • Incandescent or LED light strings
  • LED work lights
  • Metal halide high bay lights
  • LED high bay lights

All lighting and electrical systems from Alaska Structures are available in U.S. (60 Hz) and European (50 Hz) voltages.

Potential Use and Industries

Our power generation systems, power distribution systems, and lighting and electrical systems are the premier solutions for equipping high-performance fabric buildings. These fabric buildings include those our clients use for arctic exploration and research, geophysical exploration, mining operation sites, mineral exploration and general workforce accommodations in remote camp systems.

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