Advantages of Engineered Fabric Structures for Mining Operations

Based out of Alaska and in business since 1975, Alaska Structures® has produced and delivered more than 65,000 engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries around the world. 

Our portable building systems are skillfully crafted in the United States, using the highest-quality materials. The long-lasting durability of our tensioned membrane structures is unmatched. No other company has the proven experience of delivering more fabric structures than Alaska Structures. 

Our structures are used in a wide range of industries in the most remote locations on Earth. Our structures are engineered to withstand prolonged use in extreme environments for unmatched safety. Mining is an industry that heavily relies on fabric structures. Mining operations typically have a predetermined lifespan based on resource availability. 

How Fabric Structures Benefit Mining Operations

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer mining companies the following cost-saving advantages: 

  • Custom-designed mining buildings and mining camps. We understand that each mining project will have unique challenges and building requirements. We custom-design polyvinyl fabric buildings to meet your specific building and mining camp needs.
  • Lower weight and lower cube shipments. Especially for remote projects, delivering job site trailers or conventional construction materials can be both timely and expensive!
  • Minimal site preparation. Alaska Structures can be installed on virtually any level surface. Unlike other “instant” structures, our fabric membrane buildings do not require extensive site preparation or concrete foundations.
  • Minimal tool requirement. We understand that your favorite hardware store is likely not “just down the road.” For this reason, we design our fabric buildings to be set up with minimal tools.
  • Reduced construction schedules. Compared to typical construction, concrete tilt-up buildings, steel buildings, and other prefabricated structures, our engineered fabric buildings provide the benefit of drastically reduced construction schedules. Additionally, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures don’t require supervisors or expensive setup crews. Our buildings are designed so unskilled labor can be used to perform the installation. 
  • Scalable building solutions. Fabric structures are a scalable building solution that can easily be expanded or reconfigured as your mining operation matures and changes.
  • Meets IBC (international building code) for safety. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are engineered to meet area-specific wind and ground snow loads, required by local and international building code regulations.
  • Energy-efficient building solutions. Alaska Structures produces military-grade HVAC systems designed to seamlessly integrate with our building solutions. We provide life-saving temperature-controlled facilities in extreme hot and cold climates. We offer a large selection of energy-saving products to save valuable resources and reduce operating costs, including insulation packages capable of meeting any R-value.
  • Long-lasting durability. Alaska Structures utilize the highest-quality materials, proven technologies, and unmatched expertise to produce long-lasting and ruggedly durable fabric buildings.
  • Virtually maintenance-free. Spend less time maintaining on-site infrastructure by investing in high-quality and virtually maintenance-free building solutions from Alaska Structures. Our tensioned fabric membranes will not rot, and are mold- and mildew-resistant. We offer higher abrasion resistance than other polyvinyl- or polyethylene-based fabrics. Our structured fabrics can meet the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures. Our high-strength frame systems can be powder-coated to offer a superior corrosion resistance, especially when used in coastal areas with sea spray or salt air, in high humidity climates, or for storing chemicals.

Consider engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures for your on-site infrastructure or mining camp needs. Send us an inquiry via email or use our online form to send an inquiry.   

Fabric Structures for Any Mining Operation

Workforce Housing and Dormitories for Remote Mining

Alaska Structures designs and engineers comfortable housing options for staff, management, and executives. Our workforce housing and modular dormitories can support a range of labor force sizes, from smaller groups of 10 to larger operations with as many as 5,000 workers.

Our high-end fabric structures can be equipped to provide hotel-like accommodations. Our structures create a “home away from home” atmosphere in remote locations around the world. With the modular Denali Building System, mining operation staff can enjoy the privacy and comfort of private bedrooms with our hard-wall systems. Additional building facilities can be designed for housekeeping, dining, hygiene, recreation and more.

Core Storage Facilities

Core storage facilities, commonly known as “core shacks,” can range from 96 to 200,000 square feet. Our core storage facilities are engineered to meet both local and international building codes. This ensures the safety of work personnel as well as core assets stored within.

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Mine Dry Facilities

Alaska Structures’ mine dry facilities ensure workers have a comfortable space for their cleaning and hygiene needs. Our most popular models for these facilities are the GBX Series and the HGX Series, which can be designed to include:

  • Communal and private showers
  • Water-saving commodes, toilets, and urinals
  • Sinks with safety glass mirrors
  • Lockers and benches
  • Vaporproof lighting
  • Exhaust fans and HVAC systems
  • Laundry equipment
  • Drying racks and shelving systems

Survival Shelters for Remote Mining Camps

Unexpected severe weather can be life-threatening for prospecting teams working in remote locations. 

Alaska Structures’ survival and emergency shelters are a life-saving tool that is essential for mining operations in remote locations. Our survival shelters are engineered for safety and can be custom-designed to include windows, insulation packages, and stove-pipe flanges. Our Survival shelters accommodate heaters to keep mining and exploration crews safe until conditions improve. 

Our emergency shelter options include the XT Series, SQX Series, and GBX Series — all are highly portable and engineered for safety. Remote mining operations needing a rapidly deployable shelter system with an assembly time of less than 10 minutes should consider the XPL Series

On-Site Maintenance Facilities and Workshops

Maintain mining equipment and reduce downtime with our on-site maintenance facilities and workshops. Our custom-designed fabric buildings allow mining companies to quickly establish on-site repair facilities. Mining companies can easily relocate to another mine site and be placed near operating mining trucks.

The MTX Series of fabric buildings is a single-arch system designed for rapid setup. At 40’ wide and available in lengths of 40’, 60’, and 80’. These multipurpose building solutions create on-site storage facilities, workshops, fabrication shops, and can be used for vehicle storage and repair facilities. The MTX building system can be equipped with our exhaust ventilation system, allowing safe equipment and vehicle operation inside the building. 

Need more space? The GTX Series is a double-arch gable building system reaching up to 150’ wide and available in any height or length. The GTX building system is an ideal choice for on-site mining truck enclosure or mining truck repair facility. There is also an option which allows you to raise the truck’s bed.

Conveyer Enclosures

Alaska Structures provides custom-built structures for conveyor enclosures to an array of industries to safely transport bulk materials. Our enclosures eliminate the risk of contaminating the surrounding environment, wildlife, and communities from fugitive dust, which is especially useful.

Contact Alaska Structures for Your On-Site Mining Building and Mining Camp Needs

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