Concrete Foundation Blocks
for Fabric Buildings

Concrete foundation blocks from Alaska Structures® are a high-strength solution for quickly anchoring fabric buildings.

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Alaska Structures® produces concrete foundation blocks, providing a reliable anchoring solution for fabric buildings with minimal ground disturbance. These interlocking concrete blocks expedite the construction process by reducing time spent on clearing and foundation preparation.

Crafted from New Concrete

Unlike ecology blocks made from recycled materials, our foundation blocks are crafted from new concrete, ensuring superior strength and reliability. Available in two sizes-6’ L x 2’ H x 2’ W and 4’ L x 2’H x 2’ W-each block is meticulously designed for efficient use and durability. The top blocks feature a smooth, flat surface for securely anchoring the base pads or base from of our fabric buildings, while the bottom blocks have a “V” shaped ridge for easy stacking. Each concrete foundation block is reinforced with a rebar frame for added strength. Additionally, a sturdy and recessed metal loop offers easy handling and placement with heavy machinery.

In addition to anchoring fabric buildings, our concrete foundation blocks are ideal for building pony walls to facilitate the operation of heavy equipment and materials storage inside our structures. We offer precast concrete blocks–ideal for urgent projects with road access for delivery, as well as molds for casting concrete foundation blocks onsite to accommodate various project needs. This makes them particularly suited for remote location projects, streamlining logistics and ensuring a swift, reliable foundation solution.

Top Concrete Foundation Blocks

A top 4’ concrete foundation block weighs 2,260 lbs. (1,025.1 kg).

A top 6’ concrete foundation block weighs 3,435 lbs. (1,558.1 kg).

Bottom Concrete Foundation Blocks

A bottom 4’ concrete foundation block weighs 2,260 lbs. (1,025.1 kg).

A bottom 6’ concrete foundation block weighs 3,500lbs. (1,587.6kg).

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