TSX Series™


Rugged durability and easy setup make the TSX Series from Alaska Structures a superb fabric building solution for creating seasonal or year-round cabins in any environment.

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TSX Series™ - Luxury Portable Cabins

Alaska Structures® sets the standard for portable cabins with our TSX Series™ of high-quality fabric buildings. Unlike canvas structures, TSX Series cabins are lightweight yet incredibly robust. Moreover, they are easier to install with less site preparation than metal, wood or other prefabricated buildings.

The TSX line of fabric structures is an excellent solution for quickly creating first-rate sleeping facilities at remote camps, vacation rentals, luxury cabins at wilderness resorts or fishing camps. Clients can assemble and disassemble them quickly for short or seasonal applications or use them year-round. We engineer TSX Series fabric buildings for a long field life and safe use in any climate, no matter how extreme.

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TSX Series portable cabin in woods on raised platform
A TSX Series portable cabin from Alaska Structures featuring screen windows and screen door with roll-up fabric covers.

Portable cabins for any project

Our TSX Series of portable cabins offers unmatched versatility and field-proven durability. When you need a modular building solution for temporary housing or permanent workforce accommodations, the TSX Series can fulfill any number of commercial, industrial and government applications. Furthermore, the TSX Series has become a very popular choice for guide outfitting companies, luxury wilderness resorts and remote adventure camps. Clients have used our TSX Series of fabric buildings for the following:


We offer the TSX Series of portable cabins in 12’, 14’, 16’ and 20’ widths and in multiple lengths. Choose from a selection of doors, windows and covered porches (with recessed end panels) to create the ideal portable cabin or camp system for your needs.

Additionally, we can equip our portable cabins with supplemental systems to increase comfort and energy efficiency. These include proprietary insulation packages, HVAC, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems. We can also outfit TSX Series cabins with vector-proof vinyl floors, adjustable flooring systems or panelized modular flooring solutions. The TSX Series’ tensioned fabric membranes make heating your portable cabin with oil, gas, wood-burning or electric stoves and heaters very safe.

Alaska Structures engineers the TSX Series to withstand inclement weather, including heavy snow loads and location-specific high winds.

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