Insulation Systems
for Fabric Buildings

Increase energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable interior temperature using insulation systems for fabric buildings from Alaska Structures.

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Increase Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Alaska Structures® offers many supplemental insulation systems designed to increase energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable interior temperature for clients who work and live in our fabric buildings in extreme hot or cold climates.

Our most popular energy-saving insulation systems are the Alaska SuperLayer® and the Alaska EnerLayer®. AKS Industries, Inc.™ proudly makes these proprietary insulation systems in the U.S. with the highest-quality materials. The insulation systems seamlessly integrate with any fabric building system from Alaska Structures.

Alaska SuperLayer® Insulation System

Our clients use the Alaska SuperLayer® Insulation System from Alaska Structures to increase energy efficiency and support commercial operations needing a temperature-controlled fabric building. Intended for our large fabric buildings, the Alaska SuperLayer is panelized for quick installation. Available in 4.5-inch and 9-inch thicknesses and capable of meeting an R-value of 26, the Alaska SuperLayer is manufactured in the U.S. with 30% recycled components. It is made from antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, mold-resistant and mildew-resistant batting material.

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Alaska EnerLayer® Insulation System

The Alaska EnerLayer® Insulation System is a revolutionary, energy-saving product that AKS Industries™ (the parent corporation of Alaska Structures) develops and manufactures in the U.S.

Available as a retrofit kit and for any of our new or existing fabric buildings and fabric structures, the Alaska EnerLayer drastically reduces the energy needed to heat or cool our buildings.

For example, a 20-foot wide by 32.5-foot long fabric shelter from Alaska Structures equipped with the Alaska EnerLayer Insulation System and a 5-ton Alaska ECU® provides these savings:

  • 1,310 gallons of fuel saved per year per structure
  • 35% reduction in heat to maintain a 70˚F internal temperature at -25˚F ambient temperature
  • 22% reduction in air conditioning needed to maintain a 70˚F internal temperature at +125˚F ambient temperature
  • 33% reduction in air conditioning needed when used with the Alaska Solar Fly®

The Alaska EnerLayer Insulation System is available for our small fabric shelters and large fabric building solutions.

The proprietary material comprising the Alaska EnerLayer Insulation System is nontoxic and fire-resistant for safety.

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Potential Use and Industries

The Alaska SuperLayer® and EnerLayer® Insulation Systems provide significant energy-saving efficiency and enhance the capabilities of our high-performance fabric buildings.

Clients use our insulation systems in expeditionary shelters to support mineral exploration activities or large mining operations needing remote camp systems in hot or cold climates. Additionally, our clients use them to create temperature-controlled public works buildings to keep equipment and vehicles safe in freezing temperatures.

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