Core Shacks & Core Storage Facilities

Unmatched Core Storage Capability

When scientists, educators, governments, and private companies need a building solution to preserve and examine valuable rock core or ice cores, they turn to Alaska Structures®. We have been providing engineered fabric structures for core shacks and core storage facilities for over 40 years. Whether it is a 200,000 square foot permanent drill core storage facility, complete with viewing rooms, workshops, storage areas, changing areas, offices and additional space for visiting scientists to work, a 2,000 square foot HEPA-filtered cold clean room for ice core analysis, or a highly portable 96 square feet core shack for onsite core storage and analysis, Alaska Structures can customize a core storage facility to meet your building requirements.

Since 1975, we have supplied over 65,000 engineered fabric buildings to more than 85 countries around the world. Our core storage facilities are engineered to meet local and international building codes to ensure the safety of personnel working inside and to protect valuable core assets. We utilize lean manufacturing techniques and use the highest quality materials to provide a building solution that will outlast and outperform all other tensioned membrane structures. The proven durability and longevity of our core shacks and core storage facilities is unmatched. It is common for us to receive reports and hear from geologists, geophysicists, and scientists that have used our structures for 10+, 15+ all the way up to 30+ years.

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Custom Built Core Storage Facilities

Create the perfect space to perform examinations and measurements of drill cores. Geological core storage facilities and core labs by Alaska Structures are great for examining the possibility of re-exploring existing field assets or forming new ones by looking at the geology, sedimentology, petrophysics, and geochemistry of core samples. Ice core laboratories and core research facilities by Alaska Structures include facilities for storing, categorizing, cataloging, and studying ice cores sampled from glaciated regions around the world – to better understand the mechanisms that cause climate fluctuations. Millions of cubic feet of rock and ice cores are stored in our core storage facilities and core shacks around the world.

The following Alaska Structures building models can be tailored to accommodate any number of scientists and the type of science or sampling which will be performed.

Alaska Structures XPL-Series Core Shacks & Core Storage FacilitiesXPL SERIES
12’, 14’, 16’, 20’ Wide
Quonset-Style Fabric Building with Hinged-Frame Design for Core Shacks Requiring a Rapid Setup / Take Down.
Learn more about XPL Series buildings.

Alaska Structures SQX-Series Core Shacks & Core Storage FacilitiesSQX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide
Quonset-Style Fabric Buildings for Big and Small Core Storage Facilities.
Learn more about SQX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures GBX-Series Core Shacks & Core Storage FacilitiesGBX SERIES
8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ Wide
Straight-Wall Gable-Style Fabric Structures Maximizes Use of Interior Space.
Learn more about GBX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures HGX-Series Core Shacks & Core Storage FacilitiesHGX SERIES
15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30’ Wide
Heavy Gable-Style Buildings Provide a Robust and Portable Solution for Any Medium to Large Core Storage Facility Requirement.
Learn more about HGX Series buildings.

Alaska Structures GTX-Series Core Shacks & Core Storage FacilitiesGTX SERIES
16’ to 150’ Wide
Our Double-Arch Gable Style Fabric Buildings. Free Span Interiors Up to 150’ Wide and to Any Length.
Learn more about GTX Series buildings.

The Benefits of Core Storage Facilities by Alaska Structures

In addition to the benefit of preserving valuable rock and ice cores for scientists, educators, governments, and industry professionals, there are many more benefits as to why choosing a core shack or core storage facility from Alaska Structures is the best choice!

Read more about the benefits of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures.

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