SQ Series™

The Ultimate Single-Arch Shelter System

Although reminiscent of the Quonset hut shape, the SQ Series is a line of rapidly deployable and highly portable shelter systems for use in extreme environments.

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SQ Series™ - A Modern Fabric Shelter System

Reach new heights and the most remote locations with the SQ Series™ from Alaska Structures®. This series is the perfect lightweight-yet-robust fabric shelter solution for extreme environments. You can quickly and safely install our SQ Series fabric shelters with minimal site preparation and securely anchor them to virtually any level surface. As a result, they are perfect for meeting your project’s temporary or year-round shelter needs.

Our long-lasting tensioned fabric membranes and high-strength metal frame systems provide a weatherproof, protected space for equipment and personnel in remote locations. Additionally, we engineer all SQ Series fabric shelters to meet location-specific wind and snow loads for safety, as local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) requires. Optional insulation packages allow clients to use our single-arch shelters in extreme hot and cold climates while increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

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Fabric building with soft-wall partitions for private sleeping quarters.
Interior of a 20’ wide x 39’ long SQ Series™ fabric shelter from Alaska Structures. Featured is an optional soft-wall partition system for creating private sleeping quarters.

Single-Arch Buildings for Any Purpose

The SQ Series is an ideal rapidly deployable solution that meets your project’s specific building needs, regardless of location or industry. Some manufacturers make fabric-covered Quonset-style huts cheaply overseas. However, we proudly make our SQ Series fabric buildings in the U.S. and design them to meet high wind and snow loads for safety and durability. They are excellent for temporary or year-round use as stand-alone fabric buildings or as part of a larger camp system. The many applications for our SQ Series fabric shelters include the following:

Single-Arch Fabric Shelters Engineered for Durability

The SQ Series buildings from Alaska Structures are available in 15’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’ and 30’ widths and virtually any length (in 5’ increments). Furthermore, they feature many configurable options to meet your project’s building needs. These include insulation packages, HVAC systems, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, window and door options, privacy curtains, soft-wall partitions and modular flooring systems.

Additionally, we design the SQ Series to reliably withstand many setup and takedown cycles. We use the highest-quality materials, the latest manufacturing techniques and strict quality control processes to ensure each SQ Series shelter is durable and safe.

Furthermore, low-cube packaging allows for rapid and affordable shipping of SQ Series fabric shelters to any global location.

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