Fabric Buildings for Exploration and Research Projects

Alaska Structures engineers fabric buildings and portable camps for long-lasting durability and to withstand life-threatening environments. Clients use our portable buildings for exploration camps, research facilities, workforce housing and on-site storage facilities.

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Research Facilities

Organizations that conduct exploration and research expeditions need engineered fabric structures that offer unmatched portability, reliability and safety.

For more than five decades, thousands of customers worldwide have successfully used and proven the durability of our engineered fabric structures and portable research camps. At Alaska Structures, we’re dedicated to continuing this history of success with reliable, safe and fast building solutions that can withstand extreme hot and cold climates.

We design our engineered fabric structures and research camps to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as hurricane-force winds. Proprietary insulation systems are available for any of our fabric buildings to increase interior comfort and energy efficiency.

We offer insulated flooring systems and anti-spindrift systems to protect work crews, scientists and sensitive equipment from freezing temperatures and to prevent fine snow particles from entering the shelter.

Fabric Buildings for Exploration and Research Projects

We work closely with organizations to provide quick-erect shelters for exploration and research projects. With a large selection of building models, sizes and options, our engineered fabric buildings meet your research or exploration project’s specific on-site needs. Common uses of our modular building systems include the following:

Hotel-Like Workforce Accommodations: Create a comfortable living space for exploration and research crews with an array of building solutions. Design living quarters with individual rooms for privacy or shared rooms to maximize occupancy. The SQ Series™ and XPL Series™ are great solutions for research operations needing highly portable sleeping shelters. Learn more.

On-Site Office Spaces and Research Laboratories: Alaska Structures offers several building solutions for field offices and laboratories. Clients can use the HGB Series™, SQ Series™ and XPL Series™ for modular office buildings. These systems are also great solutions for quickly creating on-site offices for operations managers or laboratories for researchers. Learn more.

Dining Facilities for Arctic Operations of All Sizes: Whether you need to prepare meals, feed a small research team or serve hundreds of workers and research staff, Alaska Structures provides dining facilities of all sizes. Our expeditionary fabric shelters are an excellent choice for on-the-go field kitchens and dining facilities. The HGB Series™ and DAGB Series™ are good solutions if clients need more permanent dining facilities. Learn more.

The Ultimate Defense Against the Elements: Exploration and research operations need survival shelters to protect researchers and staff, especially when the weather abruptly changes and creates life-threatening conditions. Learn more.

Life-Saving Services in Remote Locations: Prepare for accidents and give exploration and research crews peace of mind with on-site medical clinics. Learn more.

Superior Weather Protection for Aircraft: Because exploration and research sites in extreme cold and hot climates are often accessible only by air, consider storing airplanes in fabric hangars. Our aircraft hangars provide superior protection from the elements. Learn more.

Storage, Maintenance and Repair Facilities for Vehicles and Equipment: Extreme temperatures quickly take their toll on vehicles and sensitive equipment. Protect your investments with high-quality fabric buildings that meet your vehicle and equipment storage facility needs. Learn more.

Unmatched Core Storage Capability: Protect valuable drill samples and ice cores by storing them in weatherproof core storage facilities from Alaska Structures. Create temperature-controlled core storage facilities with our insulation and HVAC systems. Learn more.

An SQ Series™ fabric shelter from Alaska Structures is used for arctic research projects.

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The Benefits of Engineered Fabric Buildings

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer many life- and time-saving advantages. Compared to traditional prefabricated buildings, our quick-erect shelters and portable fabric buildings allow exploration and research crews to establish remote camps or on-site facilities in a fraction of the time.

Additional benefits of Alaska Structures research facilities include the following:

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